From a Roman Wall #81

graphics-romans-528700“Ave, Good Morning.” Secundus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium.

“Bene facis, Thank you.” he accepted his beaker of steaming caffeinus from the Barristerus, Nellus and looked around.

In the corner Lusortius continued to study the board in front of him and made a decision. He moved the black pawn in front of his King forward two spaces. Now Libertinus began to study his options. The watching Zoophilus smiled to himself.

Secundus said to the other customers, “My brother Octavius the goat herder has added chickens to his farm.”

“Ive noticed that.” replied Judicius the Lawyer. “He has  been selling eggs in the market. Getting lots of customers as well with those funny stories of his.”

Verbo Ipsum nodded wisely, ” Chicken farmers will often share a good yolk.”
roman graffiti

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