From a Roman Wall #80

romangif3“AVE! Good Morning!” Zoophilus greeted everyone at the Forum Cafeterium.

He looked over at the corner where the newcomer Lusortius was setting out strange little statues on a checkerboard. Libertinus was sitting opposite him.

Zoophilus took his beaker of steaming caffeinus from Nellus the Barristerus and sat at another tabula saying to Literatus the Librarian, “I see Lusoritus is playing that Persian game, Mat, Chess.”

“Yes,” replied Literatus. “It will be interesting to see how Libertinus goes. I have heard that Lusoritus is an expert Mat-player.”

“I have heard that as well,” Zoophilus agreed. “I learnt the game from some masterplayers in Amida, in the Persian Empire. I may challenge him after he has dealt with Libertinus.”

“That will be interesting.” said Secundus. “Look Libertinus has just moved one of those little pieces forward.”

“Oh dear.” said Zoophilus, disgustedly. “The white pawn in front of the Priest next to the King. Even worse, He has moved it two squares. We will have to wait till the morrow for the next excitement. Often it takes a day for a move to be made.”

Verbo Ipsum added his wisdom to the conversation. “Someone who sells old chess pieces is a pawn broker.”



roman graffiti

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