What Kind of Exercise Equipment Are You?

Strangely, I do not have a hula hoop.
I have a broomstick – –

You Are a Hula Hoop

No matter what, you love to have fun. You think little is worth doing if you can’t do it with a smile on your face.You tend to do whatever you feel like in life, and that works out for you. You don’t have a slacker bone in your body, and you are very independent.

You’re always looking for ways to spice up any task. The less ordinary something is, the more you’re going to enjoy it.

You are a novelty seeker. New foods, music, and even fashion trends excite you. You like to be on the cutting edge.

You are persistent when it comes to learning new things. You don’t give up easily when you’re interested in something.

You have a diverse and even rare skill set. You are a multi-talented person, and even your friends are surprised by what talents you have.

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