From a Roman Wall #79

romanscribe“Ave, Morning all.” Secundus greeted everyone in the Forum Cafeterium. “It is quite chilly this morning.”

Smiling, he took his beaker of steaming hot caffeinus from Nellus.

“It certainly was,” replied Libertinus. “I was late walking home after last night’s convivium, feast. I slipped on a patch of ice on the pavimenti.”

“That was not late, it was very early!” said Nellus. “I was up making my family panum, bread, before dawn, and that was when there was ice on the ground.”

“Oh well, at least I got home.” a shamefaced Libertinus admitted.

“I saw Judicius the lawyer this morning.” Zoophilus tactfully changed the subject.

“You need a Lawyer?” asked Secundus.

“Oh no. I meant I saw him. In the distance. He was walking bare-foot on the wet grass outside his domus, house.” explained Zoophilus.

“Oh! Of course!” exclaimed Verbo Ipsum. “He was experiencing the dew process.”


roman graffiti

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