Australia’s Auschwitz

I read in the media today that “Auschwitz survivors remember day of liberation 70 years ago” and I wonder.

I wonder if, in seventy or eighty years time there will be survivors of Christmas, Manus and Nauru Islands, of the remaining onshore concentration camps, who will remember their day of liberation.

Our Government has not created Gas Chambers to reduce the numbers of unwanted refugees.

Oh No! They have chosen another means of culling those who flee to us for safety.

Our Government has chosen to return them to the terror they fled. To the almost certain death which caused them to board leaky and dangerous boats in the first place.

Given the choice between immediate death and the remote possibility of life, these people have chosen as you and I would. Yet they must be punished for making that choice. Punished as though they had committed heinous crimes.

No! We do not have Gas Chambers in our Death Camps. Instead we give these innocents a choice. Stay in these camps until you die, return to the terror which you left or accept “resettlement” in the corrupt slums of our region. And should they despair then they risk being killed by their captors.

It is almost a year since Reza Barati was murdered on Manus Island.The numbers who have chosen to end their own lives are without number. They die, the Camp Commandant reduces the number of “detainees” on his list by one. No one explains or mourns or gives them dignity.

Medical assistance is denied to these wounded people until it is too late. It is just five months since Hamid Kehazaei died of an infected leg ulcer and septicemia. The Camp had run out of antibiotics and the medical staff asked for immediate transfer. The Commandant chose to wait until the “Paper-work” of visa and permission were complete. Effectively sentencing Hamid to death! How many others have had curable ailments become permanent disabilities while in the “care” of our Government?

And in eight or nine decades, those who will be finally released when this nation wakes up to the evil being performed in its name will remember.

And remind our Grand Children and their children of the evil past of Australia.

One response to “Australia’s Auschwitz

  1. When will they arraign the perpetrators before the World Courts for crimes against humanity — just as they did with the Nazis?

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