From a Roman Wall #78

Roman_lady“Were you at the Amphitheatre last night?” asked Literatus.

The tabula in the Forum Cafeterium was full and all customers were enjoying Nellus’ steaming caffeinus. As usual, the panum, the bread, was below standard.

Secundus and Pedantus both nodded while Libertinus commented, “I wouldn’t miss the Greek plays. Those Grecian Nymphs are always worth the entry fee.”

Nellus coughed discretely but the beaker she was holding shattered on her consilio opus, her work bench, as she put it down. “Sorry about that,” she said cleaning up the mess.

Libertinus the playboy almost blushed as he added, “I am always interested in the plays about their philosophy of life.”

“Indeed!” exclaimed Zoophilus the explorer. “Those plays are the ones I pay my entry fee for. They are insights into the minds of other peoples.”

“I enjoyed the play about fishing,” Verbo Ipsum inserted into the conversation. “It had a wonderful cast.”

roman graffiti

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