tony abbott needs protection!

Was it just thirty years ago that I would attend my local soccer club’s matches and spot the State Premier, Brian Burke amongst the crowd on the sidelines while his security men were still at the gate, clamouring to be let in. Brian, needless to say, had left strict instructions with the gatekeepers that they were NOT to come in!

I remember the day our first team beat the top Italian side. Umbrellas were weilded by their supporters, mainly at the poor player who had missed a penalty and cost his side a draw. Brian was there in the thick of it, calming things down. No wonder he didn’t want those pesky security men around.

Sunday mornings I would see him on the hill rising from the ground where his sons played junior soccer. On a sunny day, he would be in shorts and thongs. No security, just another Dad.

Was it just two years ago that I saw, on TV, not in the flesh, our Prime Minister Julia Gillard, walking amongst her electors, with security men in the background? Not popular with some sections of the community but fearless in her handling of public appearance. Threatened publicly with cruel and uncomfortable death by many of her detractors and still able to smile and hold her dignity.

Was it just last week that I saw a previous Prime Minister sculling a beer with the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground? Yes, Bob Hawke is still at it.

Was it just last weekend that I saw our current Prime Minister walking in front of a booing crowd wearing a bullet-proof vest?

Judge for yourself.


And I thank

We have all seen our current PM wearing Flak Jackets on his self-publicising trips to Iraq and Afghanistan but how often does he wear armour here at home. Amongst his own people. The people who loved him enough to put him into the Prime Minister’s Office.

Perhaps it it time for a new, fun game to be played out on Social Media.

No prizes but just the satisfaction of seeing it first.


Spot the Body Armour




One response to “tony abbott needs protection!

  1. Yes I saw another pic of him I think in SA after the fires, no jacket just blue shirt, and he definitely looked different. Buttons stretched across stomach. He has either put on a lot of weight, wearing body protection or other health issues


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