From a Roman Wall #76

romanscribeLibertinus entered the Cafeterium Forum.

“Ave, Good Morning.” He addressed the tabula where his friends were gathered.

“Gratias tibi, Thank you.” he said to Nellus as he accepted his beaker of caffeinus.

“Where were you yesterday?” asked Secundus.

“I went to Caesar’s Tesserae, Zoo, to look at those new animals you brought back, Zoophilus.”

“How did you find them?” asked Zoophilus the explorer.

“As always, you have found some wondrous strange beasts.” replied Libertinus. “I was especially taken with that new ugly cow-like beast. The ones with big heads, goatish beards and horns. They look like really evil creatures.”

“Oh?” asked Verbo Ipsum. “Are evil wildebeests bad gnus?”



roman graffiti

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