From a Roman Wall #75

romangif4Nellus the Barristerus looked around at the occupants of her Forum Cafeterium, the best source of caffeinus in all of modern Rome. She ground and brewed the precious beans she imported directly from Arabia to perfection.

She had problems were with the baker of her panem, bread. He did not always produce the best loaves.

And she had a supply problem with caseus, cheese. There was a shortage of cheese throughout the great city.

Spotting the person she was looking for, Nellus asked Secundus, “How is your brother, Octavius the goat herder, going with his cheese making?”

“Not brilliantly.” replied Secundus. “He keeps trying to get that side of his business off the ground but it costs so much. Making it, storing it, aging it. Then getting it to market. There is so much money involved in the whole enterprise.”

“In cheese-making.” Verbo Ipsum commented, “There are a lot of expenses in curd.”




roman graffiti

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