From a Roman Wall #74

romangif3“Ave! Good Morning.” Zoophilus the explorer and his slave girl, Marti, entered the Forum Cafeterium. “How are you all today?”

“It is a good morning.” replied Literatus the Librarian. “Nellus has made some wonderful caffeinus today from her new batch of beans. I hear you got some new scrolls from Athens last evening.”

“Indeed I did.” Zoophilus said. “Very interesting news about their Olympic Games. They had a race for the philosophers.”

“That is a thoughtful concept. Who took part” asked the Librarian.

It was a fairly small field.” explained Zoophilus. “Xenocrates, Pythagoras, Demetrius, Diodotus the Stoic, Phaedrus, Plato, Diogenes, Plutarch, Socrates and  Zeno were the main competitors.”

“Who was the winner?” asked Secundus.

“I have no idea who won,” interrupted Verbo Ipsum. “But I do know who was the slowest of the Greek philosophers.

“You do?” Marti asked in surprise.

Of course.” replied Verbo. “It had to be Aristurtle!”



roman graffiti

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