From a Roman Wall #73

wine_salesman_-_roman “Ave, Morning, Nellus.” Pedantus entered the Forum Cafeterium and ordered his morning beaker of the best caffeinus in Rome.  “And may I have some of that excellent panum, bread, please.”

“You’re sounding very jovial today.” said Literatus the Librarian.

“Oh yes! The builders have finally finished the additions to my home.” Pedantus answered as he sat at the tabula with his friends.

“Excellent. There were some delays along the way, weren’t there?” Literatus asked.

“Yes. Indeed there were. One of the builders was working on the roof and he wasn’t well.” explained Pedantus.

“”What happened?” enquired Secundus.

“He was suffering from terrible itching for days. Scratching and scratching, he was. Finally he slipped and fell. Dragged half the roof with him.” Pedantus said.

“Oh yes!” said Verbo Ipsum. “I heard about the roofer who came down with the shingles.”



roman graffiti

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