The Problem With Julie

So #LIBSPILL appears to be just around the corner and the Member for Curtin (a great Labor name) is the heiress apparent.juliebishop

I foresee a lot of problems for male writers and bloggers in dealing with Ms Bishop as leader of the Coalition and as Prime Minister.

It will be hard to criticise her in the same way we have become used to criticising tony. Budgie smugglers are a fair target for all writers but padded shoulders, if targeted, will be rightfully seen as a sexist snipe.

Yes, we can pick on her policies and her past. SOME of her past. While we can, with some impunity if not impudence, pick on a male for being a little loose in the trouser region, it is not at all polite to pick on a woman for the same thing.tony

Our current leader can be mocked so easily with off-the-cuff bad photos. Will the same be permitted, by the courts of public opinion and political correctness, in the case of one who was once known, in West Australian political circles, as the Nattrass Mattress?

So we are left with Asbestos Julie and possibly, Assassin Julie but the sexist, misogynist attacks we saw on Australia’s greatest Prime Minister will not be allowed this time round. deathstareDeath-Stare Julie has grown old although that could well be revived in desperation.

The “Laugh him out of office” campaign will have to be parked in one of the byways of the internet. A “Laugh HER out of office” campaign will be much harder for a male blogger to organise. Those sexist innuendos are not only hard to avoid, they are hard for a mere male to see!

There is a close analogy to the Israel/Palestinian conflict here. From the outside it is easy to see the injustices the Israeli Government is heaping on the Palestinian people but any attempt to mention those injustices is conflated into antisemitism.

Any attempt to claim Julie Bishop is a failure will be conflated into sexism and misogyny!

As a blogger I am not looking forward to her leadership.

2 responses to “The Problem With Julie

  1. Speaking as a woman, I think you are probably right. But it will be hard for the media to avoid comparisons to the ‘knife in the back’ scenario, and also Abbott’s behaviour on the back bench. History repeating?


  2. I look forward to this. The sexism will happen, and it will probably be brutal.

    I have a huge problem with sexism, but I’m look forward to seeing how Julie will handle it – particularly as she’s not a great fan of feminism.

    Why yes, I can admit to being a little bloody minded.


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