From a Roman Wall #72

graphics-romans-522569It was a beautiful winter’s day in Rome and a small group of friends were reclining in the Forum Cafeterium nursing beakers filled with Nellus’ best steaming hot caffeinus.

The talk turned to gossip about their fellow Romans.

Pedantus asked, “Did you hear that Morticus the copiata, the gravedidigger has died?”

“Yes.” replied Secundus. “A shame, that. Away from the coemeterium, the cemetery, he was good fellow. Always willing to have a tankard of ale or a beaker of Phoenician wine.”

“I knew him,” added Libertinus. “He would share a joke while not working but when he was on the job he was an enthusiastic man on the ligonem, the spade.”

“So who will be digging his grave?” queried Secundus.

“Oh, he took care of that. He had prepared his own hole in the ground some time ago.” said Libertinus.

“So it is true,” said Verbo Ipsum. “Old grave-diggers never die, they just get buried in their work.”


roman graffiti

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