From a Roman Wall #71

wine_salesman_-_roman“Salve, Morning all.” Zoophilus greeted the Forum Cafeterium and placed his order with Nellus the Barristeraus. “A caffeinus for me and a beaker of those steeped Camellia leaves I brought back from the land of the Ganges for my slave girl, Marti.”

“Certainly.” said Nellus. “just be a little careful of Libertinus this morning. He dined a little too well on beans and new beer last night.”

“Oh dear. A gaseous morning for him then.” Zoophilus replied.

“And how is everyone this morning?” he asked as he sat at the tabula. “Except you, of course, Libertinus. I hear you made quite a night of it.”

“Well, yes, I did.” that worthy admitted with an uncomfortable squirm. Followed by a very loud eruction. Unfortunately for all at the table it was not an eruction, which is from the mouth, but an eruption from the other end. Noses were rapidly averted and a general groan came from everyone except Verbo Ipsum.

Who commented, “That was an explosive passage of gas, I’d say about 8.0 on the sphincter scale.”




roman graffiti

One response to “From a Roman Wall #71

  1. And how would poor Marti drink her tea in that atmosphere?!


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