From a Roman Wall #70

romannellus1“Salve omnes, Morning all.” Zoophilus announced his return from another expedition.

“Welcome back.” Nellus the Barristerus replied, handing the explorer his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “Morning Marti.” she said to his slave girl. “I bet he has brought back more interesting tales from afar.”

“Indeed he has!” replied Marti. “We travelled to the eastern shores of the Mare Nostrum, the Mediterranean. He found a wondrous tale of the first man and the first woman.”

Zoophilus grinned and so Marti continued, including the rest of the customers in her story.

“It seems they were innocent and went around without clothes. Then their God became angry with them and they became ashamed of their bodies.”

“So they invented spinning and sewing and all that?” asked Literatus the Librarian.

“Oh, no. Nothing like that,” continued Marti, “They began wearing fig leaves. Then one morning Eve showed up wearing flowers instead a fig leaf.”

“Of course!” said Verbo Ipsum. “She was the first woman to wear bloomers.”



roman graffiti

One response to “From a Roman Wall #70

  1. Hey — you need to remember to give Marti a cup of tea now and then!


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