From a Roman Wall #69

Roman_ladyNellus Ursus the Barristerus of the Forum Cafeterium handed Libertinus his beaker of streaming caffeinus and whispered, “Don’t sit next to Pedantus this morning. He has pulices, fleas!”

“There are lot of them in Rome at the moment.” The man about Rome replied.

Sitting next to Literatus the Librarian, he looked across the tabula at Pedantus and observed, “You’re scratching. Your hunting hawk has pulices?”

“Yes.” replied Pedantus scratching again. “He seems to be infested with them ever since we hunted lepus, rabbit last week.”

“You need to line his cage with a carpet of tansy. That gets rid of them.” the all-knowing Librarian, Literatus commented as he began to scratch himself.

“I don’t think anything gets rid of these little itching horrors.” Verbo Ipsum said, while adding his own scratchings to the general misery. “When fleas disappear they mite be back in a tick.”



roman graffiti

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