Leading In The Polls

Way back in 2001, our Prime Toadster, Johnny Howard was on the nose.

Borrowed from the Poll Bludger

Borrowed from the Poll Bludger


Due to face an election in late 2001, his popularity was rock bottom. The Coalition was polling around 44%. In August the polls began to swing back towards the Government. Exploiting refugees and creating a crisis Little Johnny stoked the xenophobia which is never far below the surface of main-stream Australia. By the beginning of September the “Tampa Affair” had swung the polls back towards 48% but with an election due and close to to a year of sub-50% polls, it looked like Kim Beazley was headed for the lodge.

Then Osama Bin Laden burst onto the world stage.

howard-bushThe “Twin Towers” were destroyed on the 11th September 2001 and John Howard’s polling immediately went to 52% and moved towards 55%. Howard immediately called the Federal Election on Oct 5th 2001, setting polling day as 10th November, 2001.

By election day the initial scare of the terrorist attack had begun to abate and many Australians were seeing the greater danger of another Howard term. On the day, the Two Party Preferred vote was just 50.95% to the Coalition.

So from 44% in April 2001, the pendulum swung, with the help of two major events, back to near 51% on election day.

We are seeing a Coalition Government now, in 2014, which has been behind in the polls for most of this year. There is little to suggest that there will be any more than a small bounce should there be a leadership change. So the likelihood is that abbott will continue to be our Prime Sinister.

And we are all congratulating our leftish selves because the polling is so strongly in favour of a Left Coalition.

Just one silly question. Where is abbott living at the moment? Why; he is sleeping in the Australian Police Force barracks. You know. The uniformed side of ASIO.

Of course our “spooks” want the Coalition to remain in power because they are being granted ever more power to snoop and control the Australian populace. Empire-building is always strong in secret Government Departments. Eventually the end up controlling the Government.

Anyone want to bet that one or two major, very scary events are likely in the lead-up to the now  almost “next year’s 2016 election”? Just to swing the polls back towards the Coalition?

As a now discredited Australian once drummed onto a paint can ;-

Trust ASIO Spies? Su-ure can!

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