Australia’s Penance

We all know tony abbott was a candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood. As was his father.

We have all wondered at just how much his Catholicism has affected his political stances.

After all, he did block the birth control pill “RU486” in accordance with his Vatican mentors. Although he did deny that this was the reason for his refusal to allow its use in Australia. He had heard that there were potential side-effects and he wanted to save Australian women from those side effects.

Am I confused or is this similar to the argument for “Stopping the Boats’? Stop people from drowning at sea by incarcerating them for years or decades until they lose their sanity and kill themselves?

Now we are seeing just what abbott really wants for Australia.

He is furious that his God visited an Economic Crisis upon the World and Australia somehow managed to avoid it. That was the real sin of the Rudd/Gillard Governments. They avoided their nation suffering a penance which was being inflicted on the whole world. And it was done with the sin of the Pink Batts and the sin of the School Halls.

Now, from a triple AAA global financial rating, we are being subjected to one of the fastest appearing recessions in world history!

Eleventy Joe was not put in charge of our economy because of his ability but because of his LACK of ability. He is there to destroy the economy. That is abbott’s ultimate aim. So that many Australians will become homeless and jobless and so deserving of more punishment.

abbott has closed, sold off or destroyed much of our manufacturing industry. The employment part of the economy. He has signed “free trade” agreements with our largest trading partners which somehow give them everything Australian and give us nothing in return.

It is a religious thing.

We, as Australians, must learn to say 100 Our Rupert’s and 100 Hail Gina’s every day from now on.

Now that he has the power, Fr abbott is ensuring that we pay our due penance.


2 responses to “Australia’s Penance

  1. Well said, Ærchie. Three cheers!!


  2. Yep! The antichrist Rabbott reigns supreme!


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