Rant on Abusers and Bullies

I wrote this last night for Facebook. It a rant about the abuse in institutions, specifically military institutions, in Australia. My “overseas” readers may or may not, find parallels in their own countries.


Sometimes I have incorrect thoughts and wild, unsubstantiated imaginings. This is one of them. So you have been warned.

Back in the 70’s there was a rather insensitive game played in football and cricket clubs. It was claimed that one person in twenty was gay and the game was to try to work out who it was in any group, team or club.

I am playing a similar game at the moment.hat

Different criteria. This time it is “Who are/were the abusers at the various Military training and intake facilities?” Information released today indicate that over a thousand abusers are still in the ADF. There would be many more who have left the military. Yet there seems to be little action on historic offending.

My “game” involves trying to spot the abusers in their post-military occupations.

How many ex-military are there in the assorted police forces or spy agencies in Australia? How many have gone into teaching, into social services, into the Public Service?

With the knowledge that a person is ex-military, we will now look at him/her with a little suspicion and that is unfair on the majority of ex-servicemen.

Yet, statistically, some of them WERE abusers and bullies.

With our ex-military now occupying positions throughout society, up to and including the Governor-General,  I wonder just how many of our elected representatives or appointed vice-regals throughout the country are ex-servicemen or women.

I’ll let YOU ask the next obvious question.

One response to “Rant on Abusers and Bullies

  1. Its my wish that they are exposed so that those who have been held captive by the terror inflicted on them can move forward


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