Remembrance Day

A detail from the Australian War Memorial

Poppies are found there all year round

For the sacrifices were not just a one day thing.



My much younger Dad in the second world war

In a jungle and sucking on a straw

While he couldn’t survive the peace,

He survived the war at least.

Wish I could have known you better.


2 responses to “Remembrance Day

  1. I have placed a poppy on that wall. When you see its expance and all those names it drives home the futility of war. My grandfather was a combat veteran a career soldier hi joined the British Army, Royal Malta Artillery as a 13 year old drummer boy in 1927. He taught himself mathematics and artillery ranging and became the first non Englishman to lecture at Sandhurst. He commanded an Anti Aircraft battery in the Grand Harbour in Malta G.C. Left the army in 1964.



  2. Thanks to your dad and others like him we are free to complain about our government today. ‘Preciate it.


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