Tony and the Puppies

One morning Tony Abbott is out doing his lycra overloaded bike riding thing. He spots a man in a front yard with some cute little puppies. Dismounting from his bike, he asks the man what sort of puppies they are.

“Oh, they are Liberal puppies, Mr Prime Minister.” replies the man.puppies

“They are wonderful little puppies. I must bring my wife tomorrow so she can look at them as well. She loves puppies.”

“Orright” says the man. “I’ll be here.”

The following morning Tony stops by again with his wife in tow. “And can you tell Pet – err – Margie what sort of puppies these are?” asks Tony.

“These are Greens Puppies” the man replies.

“WHAT?” shouts Tony in shock. “But yesterday you told me they were Liberal Puppies.”

“Yesterday they were,” says the man. “But today their eyes are open!”



tony relief valve

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