Torture Will Never Happen!

I will say this, while I’m allowed to say it!

On September 18, 2014, in the Sydney Morning Herald, Paul Sheehan had a headline, “George Brandis’ new anti-terror law allows ASIO to torture.”

MoihumbugTwo days later, on the 20th September, we read in that “ASIO torture ruled out of new national security laws proposed by George Brandis”

Four days after that, on 24th September, further new security laws suddenly appeared and were passed by the Senate, not in weeks or days but in hours. Benn Grubb was headlined by the SMH with “New laws could give ASIO a warrant for the entire internet, jail journalists and whistleblowers.

So now we know that ASIO (or any of the rest of Australia’s acronymical agencies) cannot torture people, innocent or guilty.

But how the hell do we know that?

  • Any reporting by those acronymcial agencies is done to closed Parliamentary Committees.
  • Any whistleblower will be arrested and subjected to the non-torture being whistleblown for up to ten years.
  • Journalists are not allowed to report or to question anyone about these “on-waterboard” matters.expose
  • Bloggers and other cyber-citizens who make up the Fifth Estate will be under complete scrutiny.
  • Those Bloggers and other cyber-citizen and will be under threat of that non-existent torture and those ten years of incarceration.
  • All those park benches will again become “drops” in a return to decybered Cold War spycraft skills.

There will be none of that pesky reporting of breaches of human rights. There will be none of that vindictive whistleblowing.

So how will we know that there is no torture taking place? We will have George Brandis’ word for it.

And if you cannot trust a Minister of the Crown, who can you trust?


3 responses to “Torture Will Never Happen!

  1. I still have a problem coming to terms with the Opposition agreeing with Govt in the Senate on the passing of these new laws ,without a word of dissent. Nary a whimper. Shorten well and truly cornered by Abbott and Brandis, What a pathetic exhibition of ‘yes sir and may I carry your bags’.


    • Oh, David, the ALP has form in this sort of legislation. Remember Senator Conroy? It was only the L-NP that stoppe3d him having his fundmentalist xtian way back then. So the ALP had no moral ground this time round. We are F*cked!


      • ‘Me too Billo’s’ leadership, or more to the point, lack of is seeing a sense of rudderless ship syndrome taking effect. Either the back benches as a group, non aligned or senior front bench meet Shorten and convince him to stand aside for Albo, I agree ‘We are F*cked!”

        The moment Abbott and Credlin sense the mood of the country is swinging back to them ,he will strike. They are not so stupid as to not go to the country at the first opportunity


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