Refugees at Sea; 29th June

A record of the attempts panicking and hopeless people make
To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


29th June

Some good news arrived last night. Member for Perth Allanah MacTiernan was on Christmas Island on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday night, she saw increased “on Water” activities and  local Islanders were telling her that there was “A Boat” and then later changing that to “Two Boats”. She was also told of the sudden arrival of AFP personnel and the staff at the concentration detention centre. MacTiernan passed this information on to the ABC and to RRAN Fremantle organiser, Jasmina Brankovich on Saturday night.

Some parts of social media were a little skeptical as the reports, correctly, were “unconfirmed” yet, shortly after,  the ABC published the information online. Ms MacTirnan has since appeared on ABCnews24 and confirmed all that was reported.

So – The Good News

Both vessels appear to have been intercepted and their occupants taken on board.

The vessel which was reported to be heading towards NZ hugewith 50 occupants appears to have been dealt with by ACV Triton. It is interesting that just at the time we would expect Triton to arrive back from this mission a vessel named “Huge Sw” has reached Christmas Island from the NW and has not entered Flying Fish Cove but has sailed around to the West of FFC at slow speed with its closest approach to the Island being at West White Beach. This is just 500mtrs from the Camp and is remote from the rest of the Island. I am guessing that “Huge Sw” is ACV Triton with its cloaking device inactivated and a false identity added.

I AM WRONG WITH THIS – A CI resident has told me that Huge Sw is a large cargo ship. So Triton has not yet returned to CI.

It is quite possible that Triton has attended both vessels although the timescale would be very tight. With its rated speed of 20kts (37kmh) it could have made the round trip to the Tamil vessel in 20 hours.

It seems that all people on board both vessels are now safe. Safe until they are brought ashore. then the torture of indefinite detention begins.


A New Problem for Border Protection.

If, as has been claimed, the boat with the Tamils on board set off from India then all the support Australia has given the criminal regime in Sri Lanka has been wasted. Now it will be necessary to find a way to bribe the Indian Government into complying with Australia’s selfish demands.

More importantly this appears to be a voyage which was organised without the use and payment of people smugglers. A “grassroots” enterprise. So there will be no trail to follow. No individuals to blame. No “business model” to destroy.

I do hope Immigration Minister Morrison is subject to migraines!



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5 responses to “Refugees at Sea; 29th June

  1. “Huge sw” is not the Triton. It is a cargo ship. I just went to the cove and it parked just around the corner.


  2. Reblogged this on The Kettle Press and commented:
    It is time we Australians draw the line in the sand and demand ‘our’ government not only listen to us, the people they ‘represent’ but demand they tell us exactly what is going on with asylum seekers.


  3. Just a few thoughts
    Archie, is it Triton that has that area specially fitted out to accommodate the prisoners until transfer to an orange tub. It had been about a week since we first heard of the NZ bound asylum seekers. So perhaps Triton has been putting around with the 50 on board until they could quietly get them back to Java. While hiding these asylum seekers from Aus, NZ & Indonesia the Tamils sailing towards CI upset there efficient OSB plans
    By the 150 Tamils catching OSB by surprise & because of the uproar about government not going to the aid of a vessel in distress, Morriscum & Gen 3 Star have used the pick up of 50 asylum seekers as a cover.


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