From a Roman Wall #23

onceupunatimered“Thank you,” Zoophilus said to his slave girl, Marti, as she placed his Caffeinus on the tabula in front of him. “Has Nellus any of those Turkish sweets left or has she sold out?”

“I’ll go and find out.” replied Marti.

Zoophilus looked around and spotted the friend he was hoping to see. “Hail, Libertinus,” he said in the formal modern Roman way. “I heard about your sister, Latronus the Praedo Maritimus, the Pirate. My sympathies on her unfortunate demise. She was a beautiful woman”

“Thank you”, said Libertinus. “It was her own fault.”

“How so?” asked Verbo Ipsum around a mouthful of the last of the Turkish sweets. Zoophilus glared at Verbo’s lamina, plate.

“She seemed to have bad luck with the Phonecian ships she plundered,” explained Libertinus. “Despite being as bloodthirsty as the cut-throats she led, she never found a rich victim. In the end her men mutineered.”

“So despite her attractiveness she was unable to gain enough plunder and paid the ultimate price,” sympathised Zoophilus.

“Yes. It seems,” Verbo Ipsum commented, “Her booty was only shin deep.”

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