From a Roman Wall – 15

onceupunatimeorange1“Nellus, Marti, come over here. I have news to go with our Caffeinus this morning,” cried the Librarian, Literatus.

The rest of the table lifted their heads from the deliciously fresh panum which Nellus had served with their Arabica Blend.

“This a a perfect bread, baked to perfection.” said Zoophilus.

“What is the news?” quaeritur Secundus.

“Well, it is common knowledge that those Thracian Colonies are restless. ” dictum est Literatus,  “Several Legions have been tied up trying to quell them. they are more like Barbarians than Greeks.”

“So was there a battle and Rome has triumphed yet again?” asked Liberinus.

“Not quite,” Literatus replied. “The leader of those rebels was one Oeagrus, a wily and cunning fellow. Caesar decided that the best way to save the colony was to deal with Oeagrus so he had a meeting with Don Sicilanus who agreed to sort it out. For a price, of course. He sent several of his people to the city of Sestus where Oeagrus hangs out. With an offer he wasn’t be able to refuse.”

“I don’t think I want to listen any more!” Verbo Ipsum grumbled. “But carry on. Te audire non possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.”

“I’ll Google that” said a rather puzzed Marti.

“So the Northern borders are now safe?” asked Secundus, rather unfortunately.

“Oh yes, The area is now subdued and those Legions may now return as Rome is safe again because,” replied Literatus. “Oeagrus disappeared without Thrace.”

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  1. Yeah, and I did too. Bananas are good.


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