Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to January 26th


26th JAN

No Asylum Seeker arrivals have been reported today.


THERE HAVE BEEN NO VESSELS reported as arriving in Australia for the past 37 days.  The Honorable Minister, Mr Morrison, proudly announced on Friday that –

OSB media statement

Now that makes a very good headline. Especially for a a Government which is so focussed on “STOPPING THE BOATS”

Only one very small problem. The boats have not “STOPPED”. They may have slowed, they may have been prevented from arriving on Australian soil.  They may have been “TURNED BACK”. In fact, in that 35 days, 5 vessels have been “Turned Back”.


While we await the return to some degree of sanity in this “War” on “People Smugglers” where the only victims are the innocent and terrified asylum seekers, I will continue to TRY to keep some light shining into the darkness which is Operation Sovereign Borders.


Instead of “Stopped Boats” Australia now has a policy of keeping everyone in the dark about everything!

We notice it most in the “Border Protection” secrecy program, where John3,19nothing is admitted and nothing is disclosed.  This is under a member of one of the leading Evangelical Christian Churches in Australia.

I bet he knows the words of the Gospel According to St John, Chapter 3, Verse 16. Everyone knows that, even lapsed Christians and atheists.

Yet how many know what is said just three verses later? There it is, over on the right. And perhaps we should be asking ourselves, as an electorate, “What evil deeds are this Government doing?” Perhaps Mr Morrison’s Pastor should ask the same question.

Not long before he became head of Australia’s secrecy-shrouded border protection operations, Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell penned a short commentary on the need for the military to be open to the media. In a June 2013 contribution to an army publication on the Australian Defence Force’s media embedding program for Afghanistan, Campbell wrote that giving journalists close access to military operations was ”an absolute requirement and should be factored into planning from the very beginning”. ”As Australians we live in a democracy and in that democracy, media agencies play a key role that has been acknowledged by the government and population we serve,” he wrote.

All the secrecy is leading to deeper digging into the actions of Government than we have been used to over the past decade. We are seeing the Fifth Estate leading the Fourth Estate into some rather darker corners than anyone expected. Social Media investigator, Jasmina Brankovich has found that some members of OSB are also members of the Facebook-based Australian Defence League.

As the Age reported this morning, “The Australian navy has launched an internal investigation into revelations Defence personnel are members of an online racist group that calls for members to ‘fight [the] Muslim infiltration of our country’. At least 20 personnel are members of the Australian Defence League, which is affiliated with the hardline English Defence League, known for its links to football hooliganism and street marches that sometimes descend into  violence. It is understood some of the personnel work in the front line of Australia’s efforts to control the number of asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat.”

There are evil deeds being done in the darkness of our hidden Government. Being done in our names even if not with our approval.


Cocos Island is the destination for those Tamils from Sri Lanka who are lucky enough to avoid Australia’s gift to the war criminals, two “Bay” class Patrol Boats. Cocos Island is also home for a P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft which is permanently based on Cocos Islands for aerial surveillance operations.<

With much of Cocos being sandy and  less than 6 metres above sea level, it will not take much of a cyclone to wash away the 10 metres of shore left between the Indian Ocean and allowing the depot’s six fuel tanks, which have the capacity to hold 10 million litres of aviation fuel and diesel to become submerged as early as mid-year.

Climate change and asylum seekers. Just two of the denials of this “adult” Government.



Christmas Islandd; The monsoon trough lies in the vicinity of the island.  Partly cloudy. Chance of a shower. Winds: Variable below 10 knots. Seas: Below 1.0 metre. Swell: South to southwesterly up to 1.5 metres. Max 30 (BOM)

Flying Fish Cove yesterday Courtesy of Arthur Floret

Flying Fish Cove today
Courtesy of Arthur Floret


Cocos Island; The monsoon trough is expected to remain to the north of Cocos Islands. Partly cloudy. Chance of a shower. Winds: South to southeasterly 5 to 10 knots. Seas: Up to 1.0 metre. Swell: Southerly up to 1.5 metres. Max 30 (BOM)

Cirabon; 29C, wind; 5-10 Kmh S-SE, showers est 7mm


arrival list


The weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


To find older information click here

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2 responses to “Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to January 26th

  1. Orrible thought! Maybe we need a Turned Back Boats column! ;-))


  2. Perhaps an “Honesty in Government” column?


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