Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to January 23rd



23rd JAN

No Asylum Seeker arrivals have been reported today.



Late yesterday the Jakarta Post ran an aricle headlind “TNI gears up, sets sights on foreign threats

It listed the strength of Indonesia’s armed forces. It detailed a new, more efficient, area-based posture for those armed forces. It announced that three star Generals would be placed in charge of each area.

More worryingly the article also contained the following.

House of Representatives defense, intelligence and foreign affairs committee member Susaningtyas Handayani Kertopati said the TNI should strengthen its “outward-looking” approach at a time when there were signs of escalating threats.  “The greatest threat will obviously be from Australia,” she said. Just recently, Australia apologized to Indonesia after its border patrol boats entered Indonesian territorial waters without permission in their bid to stop migrants.

A Defense Ministry official has warned that Australia’s “tow-back” policy may soon ignite conflict. The policy involves the Australian navy intercepting and forcing back to Indonesia boats crowded with undocumented migrants heading to Australia.  “Now that we have three frigates on the border, a clash could be imminent as our Navy will prevent the towing back,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.

The comments on this article are interesting to say the least. Interestingb and scary! There is an entrenched hatred in some. Ideal and fertile ground for a shooting war!

About 12 hours later, last evening, the same paper published, “Air Force casts its eyes on borders with Australia

The Air Force has programmed four of its air defense radars to closely monitor the southern border following the encroachment of at least one Australian naval ship into Indonesian waters to turn back asylum seeker boats. “We are concentrating on four radars in Timika, Merauke, Saumlaki and Buraen, which face Australia,” Air Force chief spokesman Air Commodore Hadi Tjajanto told The Jakarta Post over the phone on Wednesday.  “So if we notice any border violation, Makassar will be ready. Australia is reachable from there.

Thank you, Shirley and Vince for the two references. I have just listened to the ABC Radio News and there was no mention of this. Nothing online, either.



Regarding the rather nasty allegations coming from the “Rote Island” refugees I have woken to apparent confusion. Or is it diplomacy on the run?

After Tony Abbott loudly backed his Immigration Minister by saying, “There’s absolutely no evidence” to support the claims. “These are just claims without any apparent facts to back them up,” he said. I have complete confidence in the decency, the humanity and the professionalism of Australia’s naval and customs personnel who I commend for a magnificent job.

This highly adult and competently organised Government then allowed its Foreign Minister to announce, “Australia will cooperate with an Indonesian police investigation into claims asylum seekers were burned while under the direction of Australian Navy personnel.



Christmas Island; The monsoon trough lies to the south of Christmas Island and is expected to be in the vicinity of the island by Thursday.

Flying Fish Cove today Courtesy of Arthur Floret The My Thinh is just visible near the horizon.

Flying Fish Cove yesterday
Courtesy of Arthur Floret
The My Thinh is just visible near the horizon.

A few showers. Winds: Westerly around 10 knots. Seas: 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Swell: Southwesterly 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Max 28 (BOM)

Cocos Island; The monsoon trough is expected to remain to the north of Cocos Islands. A shower or two. Winds: South to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Swell: Southwesterly 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Max 30 (BOM)

Cirabon; 28C, wind; 25 Kmh SE, showers est 3mm


arrival list


The weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


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