God and Asylum Seekers

Tony, Please stop  calling  Asylum Seekers ‘Illegals’  I don’t like it.

3 responses to “God and Asylum Seekers

  1. Beautiful calligraphy Archie


  2. There are thousands of Voters dejected
    And from Liberals have surely defected
    Now that they’re awake
    To that wing nutted snake
    And the lies he told pre elected.

    Abbott’s agenda was plain
    You did’nt need half of a brain
    To know his only ambition
    Was to reach top position
    And see his name in the hall of fame.

    Now he’s playing the Dictator game
    With a brain that’s right out of train
    If he lasts for 3 years
    We’d be dead twixt the ears
    If we let him be PM again


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