Australian Immigration as Comic Opera

I am the very model of an  Immigation Ministermajor gen2
I’m just a jumped up scheming governmental choristor
I know the Abbott’s attitude and all his quotes political
From stopping boats to grabbing perks I find it all satirical
I’m very well acquainted too with matters very nautical
I understand the gulags, and off shore ones are predictable
And you should know that when I say a “NO” you may as well just flee
Although that social media finds stuff you’re not allowed to see.

With Christian educationings I’m such a pure and pretty sight
I’m very good at politics and booking all those freebie flights
In short I’m just a scheming governmental choristor
I am the very model of an Immigation Minister.

I know about our murky past, of yellow hordes and genocidemajor gen5
Answering easy questions, from harder ones I’ll run and hide
I quote each week about the boats and new arrival numberings
And hope that all the voterings do not awake from slumberings
The Three-Star Generals work for me, they rewrite rules upon the seas
Ignoring threats of penalties and forcing men to piracies
While pushing all the boundaries of diplomatic nicities
Creating legal entities to carry out atrocities.

And sneering at the lower ranks and putting jolly tars at risk
At cutting out their compensation you will find I’m very brisk
In short I’m just a scheming governmental choristor
I am the very model of an Immigration Minister.

In fact, I’ll never talk about on-water matters you may hearmajor gen1
I can tell at once from sight a uniform and civvies gear
With such affairs as pressers with questions I’m more wary at,
And know precisely what is meant by issuing a caveat
I wish that we could use all our marvellous modern gunnery
‘stead of feeling I’m living like a  novice in a nunnery
While buying boats just has to be our fundamental strategy
I’ll take some time to practice burning Tony ‘Bott in effigy

For all my nasty schemery, I’m into private dreamery
And longing for some quieter times, back in the eighteenth century
But still I’m just a scheming governmental choristor
I am the very model of an Immigration Minister.

major gen3

With apologies to Messers Gilbert & Sullivan.

11 responses to “Australian Immigration as Comic Opera

  1. Excellent, Archie … now for the YouTube, although not you, please. You have a “tin ear”.


  2. This has to be one of the best send ups i have read to date, a great satiricle piece Archie


  3. Fantastic piece of work I am speechless with admiration


  4. Well done, Ærchie. I’m in awe of your talent. Gilbert & Sullivan would be proud of your satiric parody.


  5. Rrrrr… me hearties a pirating we shall go!! Brilliant satire Archie. I know you were very heart sore yesterday from compassion fatigue. You put voice to how most of us feel. Thank you. Your a good man.


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