Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to December 29th


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The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

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arrival list

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29th Dec

The only information released by Morrison’s Sea Security appears to be that no further Pressers will be held. Possibly because David Marr, from the Guardian, had the temerity to demand answers from The Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison.


Christmas Island; Forecast Issued at 4:10 pm WST on Sunday 29 December 2013 Weather Situation: The monsoon trough lies to the north of Christmas Island. Forecast for the rest of Sunday 29 December Partly cloudy. Winds: Southwesterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: 1 to 1.5 metres. Swell: South to southwesterly 1 to 1.5 metres.

Cirabon; 30C, wind 5-15Kmh, Fine

There is also a Cyclone in Australia’s North West. Cyclone Christine is likely to develop into a Cat 3 system before it crosses the coast between Pt Hedland and Karratha.



One of the regular “Watchers in the Dark”.  @VinceOGrady, has found the IceBreaker Ocean Protector in Singapore. The initial berth appears to be a dock so she may be there for repairs or servicing. If so it is a slap in the face for Australia’s maritime industry. Just at the time help is needed in Australian Industry in general. Can anyone remember the loss of Holden? Or was that so long ago our Government has hoped we have forgotten about it?

Vince also had another theory, before the docking position was found. “Just had another thought.
Singapore is on the way to Sri Lanka. With the disappearance of the Bay class Patrol boat yesterday interesting if she was on the way to Singapore and Ocean protector was going to Escort these two small ships to Sri Lanka for Fuel etc purposes.   I just looked up the endurance of the Bay class patrol Boat. It is apparently 1000 NM @ 20 knots The distance between Singapore is about 1350NM so I might be right.  The distance from Darwin to CI is 1476MN so they would have to do a refuel at Ashmore reef perhaps. Unless they were going to put the Patrol Boats on a cargo ship.  Interesting. How they will get the patrol vessels to Sri Lanka. Also interesting how much it will cost in Fuel. “

Intrigued by this theory I checked the whereabouts of all the Customs’ “Bay-class” vessels and found that while two, ACV Hervey Bay and ACV Corio Bay were “Out of range” meaning they still exist but are not reporting their position. I suspect they are at Christmas Island. ACV Storm Bay and ACV Corio Bay are no longer registered and I think these are the two vessels being gifted to Sri Lanka. Vince may well have stumbled onto the method of delivery.


The monsoon continues and the expected lessening in boat arrivals has happened. It would be presumptuous for anyone to claim that the “boats have stopped” until this seasonal lull in arrivals extends into next years calmer weather.

28th Dec

Yes, well, that blood/alcohol level was a little more than anticipated. As was the family gathering.

Go family! You are all worth it.

27th Dec

The only information released by Morrison’s Sea Security was that nothing had happened during the previous week.

No boats are known to have arrived since last week’s Press Conference despite some unusual commercial vessel activity around Christmas Island during the week.

There have been monsoonal troughs reaching as far south as Christmas and Cocos Islands and travel conditions are very unfavourable just now. There is also a cyclone developing to the North of Western Australia, the effects of which will spread far to the West.

As I will be away from my computer for much of today, owing to a major family water-pistol fight get-together and belated Christmas Party, I will have to rely on reports of any Presser held today.

There will be a full report published tonight or tomorrow. Depending on my blood/alcohol level when I return home.

21st Dec – 26th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

No vessels reported.

20th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Weather Conditions

Cirabon – wind 10kts, N-NW, Rain 4mm, 28C

Christmas IslandA shower or two with the chance of a thunderstorm. Winds: South to southeasterly 5 to 10 knots. Seas: Below 1.0 metre. Swell 1: South to southwesterly 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Swell 2: Westerly 1.0 to 1.5 metres. Max 27. The monsoon trough lies to the north of Christmas Island. An active period of the monsoon trough will result in showers and thunderstorms throughout the forecast period. Severe Tropical Cyclone Bruce lies well to the west and is moving further away to the southwest.

Lifting information from the Guardian due to the ABC’s incompetence;

David Marr received no answers to any questions about the Health sevices on Christmas Island which has come into question after 15 doctors rasied concerns about “numerous unsafe practices and gross departures from generally accepted medical standards which have posed significant risk to patients and caused considerable harm”.! Oliver Laughland of the Guardian tweeted “Morrison was made aware of report on 6 December. @GuardianAus has a full video recording of the press conference we will put online later.

Here is his video of his questions and Morrison’s answers with added David Marr comments.

The delayed and then aborted Press Conference revealed that a further vessel has been intercepted near Christmas Island. Apparently with 97 asylum seekers on board although their origins were not divulged. I do wonder if they have actually been landed as neither Gordon Thompson nor Sharon Tisdale have mentioned their arrival. The three star minion answers to questions were destroyed by an audio problem and then the presser was abandoned by the ABC. I will be watching the Gaurdian to see what intelligence @oliverlaughland was able to extract.

ACV Triton has arrived at Christmas Island, apparently from the NW. She joins two commercial vessels which have been doing very uncommercial-like manoeuvres to the North of the Island for a number of days. The “Hoa Nam” cargo vessel has been at the Island since the 15th of this month while the tanker, Ocean Princess, has been there for about three days.

I am wondering at 10am WST if there will be a Morrison BS session today or if Border Protection has gone on holidays.

With the arrival of the Monsoon and the Cyclone season boat arrivals will be greatly reduced for the next few months. Any attempt by Tony Abbott or Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison to claim credit for this “Stopping of the Boats” must be taken with this in mind.

The Australian is reporting thatIMMIGRATION Minister Scott Morrison has quietly revoked a cap on protection visas for asylum-seekers, following a High Court challenge to the move. The revocation of the Migration Act regulation – revealed in a brief note on the Attorney-General department’s law website – took effect yesterday, and overturns the cap on protection “Class XA” visas for the 2013-14 financial year. The visas were capped at 1650, the number already issued by the previous government. Mr Morrison moved to cap the visa numbers at the beginning of the month after the Senate struck down attempts to introduce temporary protection visas.

The Guardian reports on medical facilities at Christmas Island. “A group of doctors has revealed the shocking standard of medical care they are made to provide asylum seekers at the Christmas Island detention centre in a 92-page “letter of concern” given to their employer in November. The forensic report, written by 15 doctors and obtained by Guardian Australia, is the most comprehensive document yet on the failings of medical procedure inside detention centres and is a damning indictment of the Australian government’s care for refugees. The report documents “numerous unsafe practices and gross departures from generally accepted medical standards which have posed significant risk to patients and caused considerable harm”.

There will be a Royal Commission into the whole asylum seeker situation one day and those who are most involved with this war on the defenceless should remember what happened at Nuremberg.

19th Dec


No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

18th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

17th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

16th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 29C, 18mm rain, wind 0-5Kmh variable.

Weather at Christmas Island; 29C, A few showers and storms., wind 10-15 Kmh E-NE, Seas 1-1.5m , Swell S-SW@0.5-1mm. A weak low is embedded in the monsoon trough to the northwest of Christmas Island and is expected to move slowly southwest and strenghten over the next few days.

The Jakarta Globe has reported, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott rounded on neighboring Indonesia on Sunday, accusing it of being “singularly unhelpful” by suspending cooperation to combat people-smuggling due to a diplomatic row over phone-tapping. Abbott called on Jakarta to resume collaboration on the stream of asylum-seekers transiting through the Southeast Asian nation, in critical remarks little more than a week after a fence-mending visit to Indonesia by his foreign minister. Indonesia halted cooperation to stem people-smuggling last month after reports – based on leaks from intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden –

that Australia had tried to bug the phones of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, his wife and members of his inner circle in 2009. The revelation sparked one of the worst diplomatic crises between the strategic allies in years, with Indonesia recalling its ambassador to Australia and suspending military and immigration collaboration. “There’s no doubt that the suspension of cooperation by the Indonesian authorities has been unhelpful, it’s been singularly unhelpful,” Abbott told reporters at a press conference to mark his first 100 days in office. “Given that people-smuggling is a crime in Indonesia, just as it’s a crime in Australia, I think it’s high time that that cooperation was resumed.” People-smuggling is a politically sensitive issue in Australia and one of Abbott’s key promises before his September election victory was to “Stop the Boats”, the majority of which originate in Indonesia. Abbott’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop travelled to Jakarta last week to smooth ties after the espionage row, expressing “regret” and agreeing to a bilateral code of conduct to restore trust. Bishop’s counterpart Marty Natalegawa said cooperation between the nations would resume when the code of conduct was finalized. The Straits Times also headlined the Abbott speech as “Australian PM Abbott accuses Indonesia of being ‘singularly unhelpful’ Also, careful reader, remember the monsoon has begun at Christmas Island. This will also vastly reduce refugee boats to Cocos Island and Ashmore Reef. That will be a reduction, not a cessation. I am taking bets as to whether the first claim about having stopped the boats comes from either Tony Abbott or Scott Morrison.

15th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 28C, 15mm rain, wind 5-10Kmh variable.

Weather at Christmas Island; 29C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh E-NE, Seas 1-1.5m, Swell S-SW@1.5m. To the north-west is a weak low embedded in the Monsoon Trough. Moving west. (spoke to a CI visitor this morning who told me there were storms and strong winds overnight and that the Monsoon is definitely in! Thanks, Jarah)

Overnight the Vietnamese registered Hoa Nam, a general cargo vessel, travelling south to Christmas Island at an average of 10 kts suddenly stopped and spent several hours some 40NM north of the island moving very slowly in a westerly direction. This morning it turned south and then moored in Flying Fish Cove.

While it is bringing a supply of toilet paper (having lived remote I know how important mundane deliveries are). I onl hope that is all she lands. I have been told that there are two frigates as well as Ocean Protector off Flying Fish Cove this morning.

14th Dec

No Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 27C, 10mm rain, wind 5-10Kmh E-SE

Weather at Christmas Island; 29C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh variable, Seas 1m, Swell S-SW@2m.

70 New Arrivals Gordon Thompson tweeted from Christmas Island at 1.30pm WST, “State Secret#26 XmasIs 9am HMAS Stuart disembarked 70 refugees diverse origin kids. The ABC is now (about 15 minutes after this post was first published *Preen* *grin*) reporting that “One witness says more than a dozen of the arrivals were children. I am wondering if the strange behaviour of the “Eline Enterprise” on Thursday night has anything to do with these new arrivals. There is that “Sweet Spot” at S10.13.35 E105.34.20, north of the Island to which many vessels appear to travel with intent! “Enterprise” is added to the vessels which have visited this spot. So I would assume they were collected/intercepted on Thursday night and held on board until 24 hours after the “Morrison Misguiding”.

13th Dec

Information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 31C, 16mm rain, wind 5-10Kmh Variable

Weather at Christmas Island; 28C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh variable, Seas 1.5m, Swell S@2.5m.

MORRISON’S WEEKLY MISGUIDING It seems an unreported vessel was intercepted near Christmas Island on Wednesday. There were two crew and three asylum seekers involved. Morrison himself seems to be far more interested in the numbers and bean-counting rather than people. Could it be he is one of those bureaucrats who think, not of people but human beans! Sorry for an old pun but I am so angry at this “man” that I have to laugh or I will throw things! (sorry for the delay in posting this report – I have had internet connection problems all day! 😦 )

VESSEL MOVEMENTS The “Eline Enterprise” arrived at Christmas Island from the North a couple of days ago and moored in Flying Fish Cove. Overnight it performed an interesting manoeuvre and headed from Flying Fish Cove to S10.13.35 E105.34.20. That is becoming a consistent “turn-around” point for vessels making a short trip from Christmas Island. “Eline Enterprise” has now returned to Flying Fish Cove. This afternoon the “Enterprise” has headed back north again, NOT on a straight line!

12th Dec

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

11th DEC

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon; 30C, 2mm rain, wind 5-15Kmh SE-NE

Weather at Christmas Island; 28C, Showers & Thunderstorms, wind 10-15 Kmh NE-SE, Seas 1.5m, Swell S@2m.

Three Asylum Seekers Die in Boat Sinking Off Indonesia

The Jakarta Globe has reported that “Three asylum seekers including a toddler died when their Australia-bound boat sank in rough seas off Indonesia’s Java island but 29 others were rescued, police said Tuesday. Hundreds of asylum seekers have died trying to make the sea voyage to Australia in recent years, and Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the sinking highlighted the dangers of people-smuggling. The vessel had been carrying 32 people — including members of the Rohingya Muslim minority from Myanmar, Iranians and a Bangladeshi — who wanted to reach the Australian territory of Christmas Island, police said. But the small, wooden vessel sank off West Java province early Monday after being battered by big waves, provincial police spokesman Martinus Sitompul told AFP. “Fishermen found the boat off Ciawi beach in Garut district,” he said. The Bangladeshi asylum seeker and two from Myanmar — including the two-year-old — drowned but the other 29 were rescued by the fishermen and handed over to immigration authorities, he said. Morrison said no request was or had been made for Australian assistance, by either passengers onboard the vessel or the Indonesian authorities involved in the rescue.” While these three people who died will not be recorded by the heartless Morrison Military Machine, they will be recorded here. They were people. They were headed for Australia and if Australia was a tad more compassionate, a decent vessel would have been used for the passage. As it is, the organisers of these trips know the vessels are “throw-away” and so only need to float for a short time.

These deaths were caused, again, by Australia’s cruel, heartless refugee policies.

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