Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to November 27th


Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.


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27th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon – 27C, rain (18mm?), wind 5-10Kmh SW-N
Weather at Christmas Island – 28C, 20% rain, wind 16Kmh NW


Mike Smith is reporting that ACV Ocean Protector has offloaded 50 people at Flying Fish Cove.  (Thanks Sue and “Z”)

On the other hand, Gordon Thompson has tweeted;

State Secret#20 Xmas Is Jetty 11am 2children,1woman8menRohinga disembarked Ocean Protector

— gordonthomsonci (@gordonthomsonci) November 27, 2013

At this stage I will record 11 arrivals subject to the Uniformed Minion’s announcements on Friday.

I was expecting some action soon as I had spotted Ocean Protector break its “horizontal” (East West) patrol pattern. She haired off Northish to that same position as was mentioned on 24th Nov. There must be something about 10.13.37S 105.34.13E. Having stopped for a short while at that point in the trackless waste of the Indian Ocean she then headed back to Flying Fish Cove.

Just to put sea postion into perspective, assuming degrees E/W and degrees N/S are approximately 111Km (that is the 10 and the 105), a minute is 1.85Km (that is the 13 and the 34) which means that final figure, the seconds (the 37 and the 13), are around 30 mtrs each. The importance of this point is highlighted by the fact that FOUR vessels have arrived at within a Kilometre of it within the past 72 hours, stopped and then changed direction dramatically!


I held off publishing yesterday as there had been some interesting shipping movements around Christmas Island on Saturday (as reported on 24th Nov) and Sunday. I was hoping Gordon had spotted something but he has said nothing. I tweeted about the movements to two of “The Watchers in the Dark”. (OP is the “ACV Ocean Protector”). It has been our experience that the time from interception to landing since the SS was instituted has been about 48 hrs.



West White Beach Google Earth Feb 2013

West White Beach
Google Earth Feb 2013

The beach the Ocean Protector stopped at was “West White Beach, well to the West of Flying Fish Cove and hidden from the harbour area.

This is just 500 metres from the concentration detention camp near the “Dales”.

If this is a new tactic to increase the secrecy surrounding refugee arrivals then it may make things a little more difficult for those of us who watch.

I will be viewing the Friday Follies with extreme interest this week as there has been no mention anywhere of this incident and it is highly probable that there were people dropped off. The Sea Security minions of Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison may try to hide this event.

I do hope someone present at the press conference asks about this incident.

Entrance to the concentration camp Google Earth, Feb 2013

Entrance to the concentration camp
Google Earth, Feb 2013

While I am concentrating on the arrival of refugees in this series, I am also interested in their ultimate fate. I have been very disturbed that “The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has raised serious concerns about the living conditions for asylum seekers being held at the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres. In two damning reports, it has called on the Federal Government to stop sending asylum-seeker children to the detention centres. It singled out the Nauru centre in particular, saying it is rat-infested, cramped and very hot.

The diplomacy surrounding the spying scandal continues and while SBY has acknowledged Abbott’s letter there still appears to be some problems. Things may become clearer over the next couple of days.

Meanwhile the Jakarta Post reports that “Boat people may now have better access to Australia as the National Police could soon allow boat people to pass through Indonesian waters unimpeded in their attempt to reach Christmas Island. National Police chief Gen. Sutarman said on Monday that such people would have the freedom to go wherever they wished. “We must crackdown on any violations of the law in the country, but if a person intends to go there [Christmas Island], it does not come under our authority.

Just a small thought from Ian Law’s FaceBook page. He has a conscience about these things –

Onward faux-Christian soldiers, marching as to war,
Abbott, Morrison and Pell, complicit in hell offshore.
Pyne, the lying bastar*, says that Gonski’s gone;
Backward to the 50s, for Aussie education.

26th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

25th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

24th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon – 30C, rain, wind 5-10Kmh SW-N
Weather at Christmas Island – 27C, no rain, wind 14Kmh NW

No vessels reported although ACV Ocean Protector is patrolling to the North of Christmas Island. It may be best they continue. The boats may have a sudden increase before the Monsoons arrive and Herr Morrison may be concerned about press reports in Jakarta.

The Jakarta Post is reporting that “In North Sumatra, the head of immigration at the Law and Human Rights Agency, Rustanov, said that no special surveillance of boat people heading to Australia would be conducted. “We have no business with Australia. Let boat people head there. No surveillance is needed,” Rustanov told The Jakarta Post in Medan, North Sumatra, on Friday.

Rustanov said that countless boat people had used Indonesia as a transit point to go to Australia. In cooperation with the police, he added, his office had in the past frequently arrested them. “Now there is no need to waste energy arresting them,” said Rustanov, adding that handling boat people was very tiring.

Yogyakarta Immigration Office’s immigration traffic head, Tatang Suheryadin, said no new policy had been applied to deal with people smuggling following the government’s decision to halt cooperation in the matter with Australia. “The Immigration Director General at the Law and Human Rights Ministry has not issued any instructions on the issue,” Tatang said, adding that as long as no new policy was issued, the old policy prevailed. He also said that Yogyakarta had been a transit point for boat people from countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Myanmar to head to Australia due to its proximity to Australia.

In Aceh, Banda Aceh Immigration Office’s immigration status head, Novri Zaldi, said that no special measures would be applied with regard to boat people passing through Aceh’s waters. He said his office could not arrest boat people passing through Aceh’s waters. It merely collected data on them and then sent them to the detention center in North Sumatra or elsewhere. Humanity, he added, was another factor that obliged the immigration office to take care of boat people stranded in Aceh. “We treat boat people better than other countries,” Novri said.

West Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Suhardi Alius said his office was waiting for instructions from the National Police regarding the handling of boat people. Tatang said that his office would continue applying tight surveillance on boat people because they disadvantaged the community in the sense that they tended become involved in crime.

The last arrests in Yogyakarta occurred in October when six Afghans wanted to go to Australia. They were handled by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) before being sent to the detention center in Medan.

Belawan (Sumatra) Immigration Detention Center head Herdaus said that as of Friday, the number of boat people detained at the facility was 216. The arrested migrants mostly come from Myanmar, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Palestine, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Some of them have been detained for up to two years.

23rd Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Weather at Cirebon – 33C, 21% chance of rain, wind 7-11Kmh SW-NW
Weather at Christmas Island – 27C, 10% chance of rain, wind 13-19Kmh NW

Since the Monsoon and Cyclone Season is approaching I will be keeping an eye on the weather at both Christmas Island and at Cirebon which is at the Western end of Java, facing the Sundra Strait. It is the nearest I can get to the sparsely populated South West coast of Java where most Asylum Seeker Vessels depart.

There was an interesting convergence of vessels yesterday. I checked the tracks of the Thai Tug RS34, the Indonesian Container Ship Elaine Enterprise and the Australian Customs Vessel Ocean Protector all used S10.17 E105.37 Approx as a way point for major course alterations but with differing times Hmmmmm

22nd Nov

Little information given and no responsibility taken by Morrison’s Sea Security

When Tony Abbott first invented the “Boat Phone” it was to give instructions to Naval and Customs vessels about whether to tow a vessel with asylum racistsentimentseekers aboard. During the election campaign the boat phone and its associated responsibilities were passed to the Minister for Immigration. During the week we heard reports of an Asylum Seeker vessel having its bow ripped off while under tow by a Customs vessel. During his weekly “report” today, Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison refused to confirm that he had given the order which led to that situation.

It would appear that we have two alternatives. Either Morrison DID give the order or the master of the Customs vessel acted without authority. So we can expect one of two outcomes. In the first the Master will not be sacked because he was following orders. In the second, the Master will be sacked for exceeding his authority.

It will be interesting to see if the latter is what happens.

The other interesting comment today was that Australia does not need Indonesia’s assistance to “Stop the Boats”! YEAH! RIIIIIIGHT! That’s why no one from Australia’s new regime has ever gone to Indonesia to beg for assistance!

On another subject, the weather is about to make things difficult for the People Smugglers. The first cyclone of the season is currently forming in our North West. The first sign that the monsoon is just weeks away. That will slow the boat activity and the Government will claim credit for that. It remains to be seen what excuses they will have after the monsoon ends!

21st Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

20th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

19th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

The Sydney Morning Herald added to the information about the vessel with this disturbing report.

An Australian Customs patrol boat had to rescue about 40 asylum-seekers at the weekend after accidentally ripping the bow of the boat away and causing it to start sinking.right

Multiple sources have told Fairfax Media that the patrol boat was trying to tow the fishing vessel when it damaged the front of the vessel, causing it to take on water.

The fishing boat’s engines had stopped about 20 kilometres off Christmas Island but it is unclear whether Customs was at the time of the incident trying to tow the boat back towards Indonesia or to Christmas Island.

The incident happened on Friday night and the asylum-seekers were offloaded at Christmas Island on Sunday morning.

So much for care and all the other Health and Safety stuff we keep hearing about.

Another important point for boat watchers to note is the delay in offloading the refugees to Christmas Island.

18th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

17th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

Gordon Thompson tweeted on Monday 18th; “State Secret#19 Xmas Is 9.30am Sun17 Nov 40 afghanpakistansrilankanrohinga secretly disembarked at Ethel Bch due to large swell Cove jetty”

While I, and a small group of boat watchers, watched some strange goings-on at Christmas Island, I filled in the time expressing my outrage at Tony Abbott and his love affair with Sri Lankan political morality.

16th Nov

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security

15th Nov

Morrison’s Sea Security deliberately released some information and accidentally released other information at the same time today.

I apologise in advance for any incoherence in todays post. I am angry, sad yet not surprised by the reports this morning about the young mother who was separated from her newborn child. Furious may be a better description.

The raw numbers of 163 for the last three vessels mean that between 40-60 people arrived in Darwin. Conveniently excluded from these numbers is the vessel which sank and whose 50 occupants, including 5 children, were rescued by Basarnas. These are people who were trying to reach Australia so, as has been my practise, they are included in my numbers.

Here we come to the inadvertently released information. Despite all the goody twoshoes comments in the past about wanting to save lives by “Stopping the Boats” the raw reality escaped today. Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison kept referring to “Boats arriving in Australia”. No mention of people, no mention of lives saved. In fact he was specifically asked if there had been any deaths since the Government was elected and he answered “No.” He totally disregarded the deaths on 28th Sept, presumably because Australia was not involved in the rescue and recovery effort.

I’m sorry, Minister Morrison, I do think those people are important and success is not measured in a lessening of people ending their voyage in Australia but in the stopping of people from beginning those voyages. Anything else is racism and bigotry and hatred!

He has carefully excluded all events and people who have no made it to Australian Territory. Those returned to Indonesia on 28th Sept and the 70 who were heading for Australia from Sri Lanka on Oct 4th. He is not interested in unsuccessful attempts to reach Australia. Which is a curiously “Liberal” attitude. Success is all that matters.

By using those partial numbers and by disingenuously using numbers from the two months prior to the election he is able to talk of a 79 point something percent reduction in arrivals. That was from before the Manus Island solution was announced. So now for a graph and some numbers from me.

I have excluded that first week after the Manus Island announcement because boats were in transit. That is six weeks up to the election.

People setting out for Australia

People setting out for Australia

In the six weeks leading up to the Election, 2100 people set out for Australia at an average of 350 per week. In the ten weeks since the election 1883 people set out for Australia at an average of 188 per week. That is a reduction of just 53.7%. We also need to recall that Kevin Rudd also did say at the announcement of the Manus Island solution that it would take several months for it to have a real effect.

It is up to each individual looking at these numbers to reach their own conclusions.

HINT: Look at the first 3 months of the graph then look at the changes FROM THEN!

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