Travel in the “Olden Days”

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Looking at the old airlines mentioned. How many still exist after 77 years?

From the Perth “Western Mail”, 19th Nov, 1936

3 responses to “Travel in the “Olden Days”

  1. Being a sandgroper born and bred until the late 70’s I can recall MMA and ANA also remember the old Avro Ansons that did the flights from Perth to Rottnest! Fond memories of bygone days!


    • One of my earliest memories is of flying to Rottnest with my parents in that old Avro Anson. Looking down and seeing the old Zoo railway 🙂 Would have been around 1947/8 I was about 3 🙂


      • Ahhh! 1945 was a very good year as I joined those children born at the vanguard of the baby boomers! I remember visiting the airport when the first super constellation came to Australia and watching the big bird (well then anyway) land and taxi up to the passen ger area.


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