Remembrance Day

It has been my habit for the eight Remembrance Days which have passed while this blog has existed to post a special article.

I often remember the stories my Grandmother told of her favourite brother, Edward Russell Bates who died at Albert, France on First of June, 1918. An accountant who had played first grade soccer in Perth, he left behind a wife, a son and a sister who never forgot him.

I have other ancestors who lived through other wars, including one who fought at Waterloo.

I have always been proud that these men, and a nurse who served in WW1, fought for what they thought of as the “Good of their country”999435_576102225778968_1715090028_n

Yet this year I have mixed feelings. I am wondering what they would have thought had they known what Australia would become inside of 100 years.

I will not name names but I am filled with sorrow at what my counrty has become and I will not be watching the formal events this year.

I would find it too hard to watch while those public figures who are destroying the country I grew up in and was so proud of use political double speak to gloss over the fact that Australia is becoming that which my ancestors fought against.

I will remember you guys all in silence and in private this year.


2 responses to “Remembrance Day

  1. When there were several groups of youngsters from various area schools etc laying poppies in remembrance, I was expecting to see at least one Indigenous group doing the same in honour of the 4000 or so Indigenous Servicemen who served in both WW1 and WW2 but I was disappointed, which I thought was pretty lousy.
    Don’t know if I missed something but I’m sure I did not Big Ears there either.


  2. 😥 No, you did not see the Idiot Boy there … he apparently decided that sitting with some decorum and listening to Paul Keating give another remarkable speech was beyond him and scampered off to Melbourne .. he doesn’t even live in Melbourne so the odd thing is he put the Cenotaph before the usual attendance for the PM at the Australian War Memorial. He really is a problem child, isn’t he? The other thing is to ask “Why” was he in Melbourne at that time? No-one seems to know .. we certainly haven’t been told by the MSM, so I guess it will stay in what remains of a free Press and will go down into the mists of the sewers as does the rest of the truthful commentary!

    And yes, it is sad that Indigenous people do not seem to feel the same as we do for Remembrance Day. But then again, the main event remembered then we have a separate Day for – ANZAC Day. Plus they may feel they will not be welcome? I don’t know .. all I know is it is sad.


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