Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to November 8th

This list is based on what is being reported in the MSM and what I can find from a couple of specialist sites. This is to give a layman’s impression of what is going on and may say more about the MSM than the facts.

The updated, weekly figures I have collated. This will be updated each week.


arrival list

To stop this posting from becoming as large as a Tolstoy novel, in future I am dropping off any part of the post more than about a week old.

To find the older information click here


8th Nov; Very limited information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

UPDATE – 1.30pm WST; The tensions between Indonesia and Australia are being noticed by other nations. Here is a Straits Times report published today;

Indonesia, Australia in asylum-seeker boat stand-off

JAKARTA (AFP) – Indonesia and Australia were locked in a stand-off on Friday after an Australian vessel went to the aid of an asylum-seeker boat off Indonesia’s main island of Java but Jakarta said it would not accept receiving those on board. The flare-up in tensions came with relations between the two neighbours already under pressure following reports that the Australian embassy in Jakarta carried out surveillance as part of a US-led spying network

The Melbourne Age, in an earlier article, suggests much the same with the additional information that there are 67 people on board.

Suddenly we are on track to become the pariahs of Southern Asia. Just as well we have a highly skilled and competent Foreign Minister in charge of these things – – –


The weekly press conference again degenerated into a listing of occupants of our “Three Island Concentration Camp System”. It seems we have  less that 3,000 people being held in the camps. This is a miniscule number when compared with the million Styians in camps outside Syria and the half-million Somalis in camps in Kenya. We Aussies are so proud of punching above our weight in so many areas of international comparison yet here we are shamefully so far below our weight it is a national disgrace.

Yet again, “on-water matters” were completely ignored. The timing of the first vessel to be contacted by the Australian Navy fits well with my prediction in comments on the 6th of this month. Indonesia is fed up with conflicting signals.Conflict between ASIO and Border Protection has now begun. The question which will not be answered without a whistleblower is, “How many vessels have been turned back without our knowledge?” Numbers (which seem to be in the range of approximately 50)  from this vessel will be added to this week’s total as and when available.

More information of a naughtycal nature has emerged about HMAS Ballarat and its crew. It will not be covered here. Sorry for the flippancy but without that flippancy, I would be screaming.

7th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Rumours surfaced that a vessel has been intercepted in the Sundra Strait;

An asylum seeker boat has been assisted off the coast of Indonesia after issuing a distress call while making its way to Australia. A spokesman for the Indonesian search and rescue agency, BASARNAS, confirmed to AAP that a distress call was received from a vessel in the Sunda Strait earlier on Thursday. The Australian naval vessel, HMAS Ballarat, responded to the distress call, and was escorting the asylum seeker boat to Christmas Island, the spokesman said.

HMAS Ballarat has also been mentioned in regard to yet another Sex Scandal.

6th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Firstly, there has been a little strange activity around Christmas Island. Two tankers, the Golden Wave and the Ocean Princess, have approached CI and performed some random manouvres around 50Km North(ish) of the Island. I am not a seafarer nor a resident of CI but I find the movements are a little odd and I do wonder at the need for two tanker deliveries within 48 hours. I assume this is for diesel and other hydrocarbons. If they are, in fact, tankers. Another interesting fact is that while the destination for both vessels is shown as Christmas Island, neither have any “Previous Ports of Call”.

It is all very odd!

Secondly, the Abbott/Morrison secret war on women and children is in danger of having one of its key components removed.right

Indonesia’s cooperation and assistance is needed to allow Tony Abbott to boastfully state that HE has stopped the boats. Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison has been working to ensnare the Indonesians into his vision of a world where no refugees exist; just border-jumping criminals.

Now DFAT under Australia’s most dangerously incompetent Foriegn Minister is trying to ignore its spying on Indonesia and other South East Asian Nations and hoping the stink will go away. Indonesia’s foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has threatened to review his country’s assistance in the Asylum Seeker “solution”. Does this mean that, if the current lull in boat arrivals is due to the Abbott Policies, a very debatable position, then any arrivals from NOW are all the fault of the Abbott Government’;s incompetence?

5th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

4th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

4.30pm; Quietly checking the “Live Ships” website to see what was happening around Christmas Island for the fifth time today, I spotted something very strange. The Tanker “Golden Wave” had changed direction and was acting strangely. The best way to illustrate this is with a couple of screen grabs.

Firstly the “Front Page” from the website showing the course of the tanker. Remember – this is a commercial vessel and time is money. Into port, out with the cargo and on to the next port. Travelling at 2 kts for several hours is not a recommended path to profit.


The vessel has passed within around 5Km of Christmas Island but not entered Flying Fish Cove. Which is most strange because by clicking on the “Vessel Details” link I found;


Look at that “Recent Port Calls” line. It claims there has already been a 36 min visit to Flying Fish Cove. That is a “Recent Port Call, not a “Future Port Call”. Although the first grab shows the destination as “Christmas Island” this seems a strange way to approach. 2 Kts into the wind for several hours, away from the destination? There may, of course, be very sound and seamanly types of reasons for this behaviour. We shall see.

All very strange and I await further information.

3rd Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

2nd Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

1st Nov; Minimal information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

At his weekly live press release which masquerades as a news conference, our Sea Security leaders confirmed that no vessels had arrived in Australian waters during the past week. What they would not confirm, however, was that several vessels had been turned back to Indonesia. I am wondering if there is an Indonesian reader out there who could keep me up-to-date with what is being reported in Indonesia.

31st Oct; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

While there has been a lull in asylum seeking arrivals. Yet off the water there have been developments in the debate.

Australia has been seriously dissed by its Northern neighbour!

A huge slap in the face has been given to racistsentimentHerr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison by the Indonesian Government.

On Wednesday he went to to meet Mr Djoko, Minister for security, politics and law, the chairman of Indonesia’s people smuggling taskforce, and the man who must agree to any new policy direction. Mr Djoko was “called away to another event by president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono”.

Indonesian army commander, General Moeldoko. was who was also “unable to attend the meeting” and sent instead his chief of staff for general affairs, Boy Syahrial.

The meeting was chaired by justice and human rights minister Amir Syamsuddin who last week had said,”Australia should ‘pay more attention’ to the countries of origin of asylum seekers in searching for a solution, and be kinder towards refugees. The Australian government should pay more empathy to the position of the Indonesian government, who is not comfortable with having so many asylum seekers here, but also to show empathy with asylum seekers who are seeking to have a better future.

While the MSM is trying to put a nice spin on the event, the wording used by the Indonesians is telling. An “offer” to “maximise our navy patrols in the south sea, because normally we don’t have that many ships there, because there has been no threat from the south” beomes a” promise” just a few lines later. The person who will make the decisions, General Moeldoko, was one of those “Unable to attend the meeting.”

Australia has been seriously dissed by its Northern neighbour!

On Christmas Island the residents are no longer able to live a free and normal life. rightThe fate of any asylum seekers is becoming shrouded by heavy handed and probably illegal secrecy. Gordon Thompson, an Australian citizen and President of the Shire of Christmas Island has been barred from a public road and the public airport on Christmas Island. This was to allow a convoy of 20 cars belonging to the immigration centre management company Serco and the police and carrying 24 asylum-seekers, to travel the airport.

30th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

29th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

28th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

It seems it has been seven days since the last asylum seeker vessel has arrived in Australian waters. With the Government being as secret about asylum-seeking boats as a teenaged boy is about masturbation, and for the same reason, it is difficult to be certain. There has been a previously recorded eight day break between arrivals. I expect to hear the Government claiming credit for this.

So a few comments about associated matters.

Gordon Thompson tweeted last night, “State Secret#16 Police direct Shire President away from Christmas Is airport road 8pm 20 vehicles carrying 24 Somalis forced on plane Nauru.” These are probably the “Africans” who arrived at Christmas Island via ACV Triton last Monday.

There appear to be security vulnerabilities when it comes to hacking the Automatic Identification System (AIS), a system which is used to track maritime shipping around the world. Like – Durrrrr – The Australian Navy has been doing this for a couple of months now. It is one of my daily aggravations. Attempting to use the AIS to track naval and Customs vessels involved in Asylum Seeker duties has become almost impossible. Ducking out of AIS coverage is now standard procedure. The Romulan cloaking device is in full service!

Darwin is hosting a number of Naval and Customs vessels at the moment. Childers, Maryborough, Sydney, Broome, Maitland, Corio Bay and Cape St George are all moored at the moment. Which raises the question of the whereabouts of the Warramunga, Bathurst, Ballarat, Armidale and Triton all of which are “Out of Range” of the AIS.

27th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

26th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

25th Oct; Confirmatory information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

Yes, two vessels, last Sunday and Monday, 126 refugees on one, 40 on the other and 4 crew passed to Immigration. Morrison emphasised that he was commenting on matters to 9am EST this morning. Should I hear of anything later, I will update this post.

Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison reported today that he is moving our sphere of refugee influence as far as the Northern, Thailand, border of Malaysia. Will the next step be to “liaise closely” with Thailand to stop refugees fleeing Burma? Having turned asylum seeking into a crime, his aim appears to be stopping people from fleeing personal danger within their own country. Criminalising attempts to save yourself and your family in the name of “saving people from drowning at sea” is an outrageous policy! At what point does it become a crime against humanity?

On a completely different matter, I spend a lot of time george1trawling through vessel whereabouts and I just found a new favourite ship. It is in Darwin Harbour and it is a tug named “George”.

I will have to introduce it to Thomas. You know, the Tank Engine. I may adopt George.

Ya gotta laugh sometimes or you end up going quite insane!

24th Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

23rd Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

22nd Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military Machine.

21st Oct; No information released by the Morrison Military boats

Two Vessels in Two Days! Mike Smith has reported that “Shaz” on Christmas Island has told him that 40 people, possibly Somalis, have been landed by ACV Triton. A number of us have been watching Titon’s antics this morning. She suddenly appeared yesterday afternoon travelling west, apparently directly from the mainland and since then has been moving around Flying Fish Cove.

Gordon Thompson has now tweeted “State Secret#15 Customs ship Triton disembarked 40 African refugees women men – 0 kids 8am Christmas Is. Hope lives.

Thanks, Vince, Sue and Marg for your help. It seems that Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison has outsourced dealing with Asylum Seekers to the Romulans and their cloaking device! I suspect this group were possibly found at Ashmore Reef.

At the same time, Indonesian police have arrested 30 would-be asylum seekers who failed to board a boat. Gunung Kidul district police arrested 30 refugees attempting to seek asylum in Australia after they failed to set sail from Parang Racuk beach in the regency on Saturday. Gunung Kidul Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Faried Zulkarnaen said 13 of the refugees had come from Pakistan, 11 from Somalia, five from Myanmar and one from Eritrea. The refugees intended to travel to Christmas Island.

“They left their countries because of political turmoil and violent conflicts. They paid a Jakarta-based broker to smuggle them from Indonesia to Australia, but they were deceived,” Faried said.”

It seems the only “Illegal” Asylum Seekers in Indonesia are the ones who try to travel to Australia.

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