BBC Quiz of the Week


LAST Week:- Spring has definitely sprung and I feel so much better now. Another winter survived.

As a bonus, of sorts, here is a second quiz from the BBC. A quiz of ignorance. I scored 2/9! It is all about the population of our planet.

Hats and Crowns:- I won a whole week of hat hair with 2/7. Oh woe is me  😦

THIS Week. I have continued November badly. Consecutive scores of 2/7 put me in the basement of knowledge! Can you do better in this week’s quiz?

Previous Dunces

1st Nov, 2/7, Ærchie

25th Oct, 3/7, No hat awarded

18th Oct, 3/7, No hat awarded.

11th Oct, 1/7, Rob

4th Oct, 3/7, No Hats awarded

27th Sep, 3/7, No Hats awarded

20th Sep, 1/7, Ærchie

13th Sep, 3/7 No hats awarded

6th Sep, 1/7 healingmagichands, daisyfae

30th Aug, 2/7, Bunk Strutts

23rd Aug, 1/7, healingmagichands

16th Aug, 1/7, Rob

9th Aug, 4/7, No Hat Awarded

2nd Aug, 1/7, Ærchie

26th July, No Hats Awarded

19th July, 1/7, azahar

12th July, 1/7, Ærchie, Rob

5th July, 2/7, Rob

28th June, 1/7, healingmagichands

21st June, 4/7, No hats awarded

14th June, 2/7, healingmagichands

7th June, 1/7 , daisyfae

Crown Winners (7/7)

30th Mar, 2012, dinahmow

8th Jun, 2012, daisyfae

7th Jul, 2012, healingmagichands

14th Sept, 2012, healingmagichands

28th Sept, 2012, dinahmow

5th Oct, 2012, dinahmow, healingmagichands, Buff

7th Dec, 2012, healingmagichands, Rob

31st May, 2013, dinahmow

14th June, 2013, dinahmow

26th July 2013, dinahmow

9th August 2013, dinahmow

4 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Winter has solidly arrived and in our hemisphere at our latitude/longitude. It started snowing again last evening and it continues today, turning our world into solid white.

    Not so good on the weekly quiz for me……..1/7.

    However, I did score a 5/9 on the bonus quiz, so I feel somewhat redeemed.


  2. getting down to autumn for us — cold wind, blue skies and sunshine. best time of year, in my opinion!

    weekly quiz? squeaked by with 3/7. tanked on the population quiz, with a 2/7. great article, though. love Robling, and it’s nice to see some statistically based good news for a change!


  3. I’m sharing the hat with Rob. I am in blissful ignorance, it appears.


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