101 Things To Do With A Swan River #13

I started paddling the Orange Pearl again today.

Just enough to make sure she had not been holed during Winter and to find out that my shoulders need a lot of paddling practice! groan, moan, whinge, groan again

Her flag was as limp as I felt!

On my little trip I discovered yet another thing you can do with a Swan River.

You can drill holes in the bottom to see if it can be drained!

While I hope it cannot be done, my shoulders seem to be saying,


Pull the plug!

It seems to be a part of Colin Barnett’s “Bigger Picture”

He wants a walkway across the river to his new stadium so he wants the river drained enabling pedestrians to cross easily.

One response to “101 Things To Do With A Swan River #13

  1. This is just a practice run for what the LNP plan for the mighty Murray, Ærchie. Think they will probably build one of Tony Abbott’s famous roads along the Murray/Darling.

    Happy paddling while you still can. 🙂


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