No! I do not have a name for this dish as yet. I just invented it.

So often I have ordered, from  a restaurant menu, food “On a bed of mash”. Tonight I decided to extend the idea.

Beginning with bed-ends of quartered potato and a bed of pumpkin mash.

I added a sheet of mashed potato and put some steamed asparagus to bed.

Then I placed a doona of Salmon Steak decorated with some lemon/lime aiola over the sleepy asparagus.

Finally, because every good bed deserves a little something on the side, I added a small tossed salad – umm –  on the side.

Now to think of a name!

3 responses to “Dinner

  1. That looks delicious. I think you need to have a “bed” in the name. Pumpkin bunk beds? Salmon in bed with asparagus? (And if you put the salad on the side of the bed, does that mean you did so in a bedside manner?)

    This is probably the wrong thing for me to look at, given that I am both hungry and sleepy. Or maybe it’s just the right thing, except that I don’t have much available to eat right now.


  2. Well if you used all the Capital Letters of each of your main ingredients the anagram result means you could call the dish PLASMAT and here is some more useless info :

    Plasmat lens

    The Plasmat lens is a widely used and long-established lens type invented by Paul Rudolph in 1918,
    Hoping this finds you well and Good luck.


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