Tweet Deck and Its Annoying Beep

I enjoy Twitter and the gossipy goodness it brings. I found that Tweet Deck gave me the functionality I wanted and life was good.

I recently upgraded my bright, colourful but apparently old-fashioned version of Tweet Deck to the new black and white version with no skin-changing ability.

What was wose, it came with a built-in, unchangeable, annoyingly loud BEEP whenever any new tweets arrived. I had a choice. I had Tweet Deck operating OR I could have other sound things, like You Tube, Music or Skype operating. Actually, I don’t use Skype but I like to sound as geeky as possible.

OK – the Black and White I can live with. But that Beep. Something had to be done.

The following works with Windows 7 Home Premium. There may be some  changes needed to make the following work.

So I opened Windows Explorer (that window you get when you click on “My Computer”) and went to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Twitter\TweetDeck”

There I found all the Tweet Deck files. Including “Tweet.wav”

I had a feeling that if I was to change this file I may solve my problem.

I did not have a suitable .wav file so I went to my Accessories and found the current recorder only has a .wma extension so I went back to my Windows XP computer and created “sigh.wav” and it is around .25 of a second, grabbed from one of my exasperated sighs. Unfortunately I cannot load it into a WP blog – grrr –

Anyway, I loaded this new .wav file into “C:\Program Files (x86)\Twitter\TweetDeck”, deleted “tweet.wav” and then renamed “sigh.wav” as “tweet.wav”

I now have an almost silent Tweet Deck and I can play twitter stuff while listening to music.

Ain’t technology (and work-arounds) great?

Now to think about those colours – – – –

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