Australia Joins the Slave Owners

Some five thousand years ago the first Pharaohs sought to enter the afterlife in a manner which suited their importance.Saqqara_pyramid

They began building pyramids. Well, that is not strictly true. Not one Pharaoh stooped to lifting a single stone. As successful conquerors they used the conquered, the captured to do the work.

As time went on the structures became more sophisticated and the labour force grew. Eventually the Egyptian Empire folded its tents and slunk off into the halls of history. Yet the idea of slavery was ingrained in humanity. Even the Bible condones it and sets out suitable treatment for slaves.

Greek-TriremesGreeks became slave-owners and used their slaves as rowers in triremes, as well as agricultural and building labourers.

The Romans did much the same as did the great Middle Eastern and African empires of the Saracens and Berbers.

Europe also used captive human labour for many of its projects. In fact the very system of Government in Western Europe was based on the labour of serfs who were at the bottom of the social ladder and were supplied with just enough to enable them to live and work and breed.

By the time of the settlement of North America slavery was  fully institutionalised and many Irish were sent to the new colonies in the seventeenth century.captives Then it was found cheaper to import labour from Africa.

Beginning in Britain, the emancipation movement grew and eventually slavery disappeared from the Western World. It reappeared in Germany during the Second World War.

Now Australia is stepping up to the plate. As of September 14th, if the Polls are to be believed, Australia will become a nation of slave masters. The Shadow Minister for Racism has explained his vision for the “illegals” who insist on arriving by sea.

Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has told 7News he morrisonwould force them to work for their welfare and be paid in vouchers not cash. “You’ll  be put to work for the community to receive your welfare benefit,” he said. “Community projects, everything from planting trees to volunteer work in nursing homes and things of that nature.”

Asylum seekers would be directed to rural and urban areas to local council and approved private sector work crews. But they’d also be subjected to income management. Their allowances – currently 89 per cent of Newstart – would, according to Mr Morrison, be paid in food and accommodation vouchers or cards, but strictly no cash.

Planting trees makes sense. Why shouldn’t we use these unwelcome arrivals to abate our carbon emissions. Especially since the Opposition “Direct Action Plan” is so expensive. Subsistence “pay” to our slaves will make the scheme so much more affordable.

arbeitAs for the massive and unaffordable increases in the pay of employees in the social, community and disability services handed out by the present Government, these now over-paid workers can be dispensed with and replaced by slave “volunteers”.

The beauty of this system is that all those lazy unemployed who are created by using slave labour for their jobs can be conscripted into the system as well. After all, it is just a small step down from “Work for the Dole”. Once the country becomes fully accustomed to the system, we can start using the disabled and the elderly in the same way. After all, what have they done to deserve to be drains on the public purse?

Eventually so many jobs will be being performed with slave labour that Gina Rinehart’s dream of paying workers $2 a day will be realised.

Scott Morrison, your genius will outlive you. You will become a byword in the history of this great, slave-owning nation!

Just one question.

Will the lashes, whips and chains be supplied by the Government?

5 responses to “Australia Joins the Slave Owners

  1. Too bloody depressed to comment anymore

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is the brainwave of a “good” penteostal evangelical “christian”. Scott Morrison must know his bible well & is putting all of this knowledge to work for the Party of the Privileged, the LNP.

    Says it all really. Despicable. Mind you it will go down well with his admirers, the braindead racists.


    • Joy, you have a really good grasp of the inner workings of most of the LNP Shadowy Front Bench! This attitude appears to be prevalent in them! And it is shameful. 😦


      • Thanks Buff. It is a shame that many voters don’t bother to take time to delve into the true meaning of the attitudes & beliefs of those on the LNP benches. They will say they are too busy but they are the ones whose lives will be affected badly if they mindlessly vote for whichever party the shock jocks or Murdoch’s rag tell them to vote for. We know which one that is, don’t we?

        It is sheer laziness & we can’t let Abbott win by default.


  3. being with Irish background, no doubt his ancestors could have been taken by his current masters to America as slaves.


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