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  1. TB Queensland

    Chuckle …. its actually a trilogy … The Tanakh, completes the “set” …


  2. I seriously doubt the Bible given that it was written by the equivalent of a bunch of journalists who were probably no different to todays lot who constantly make up loads of bullshit.
    I have no doubt though that it is really The Media who control the Country, for just look at the way they are currently assisting the Libs to oust Labour and some make it so obvious they support the Libs.
    Anyway if it does turn out there really is a Hell I couldn’t think of a better place for Abbott and his cronies to end up.

    I was baptised a Mick true to tell
    But never fell under their spell
    So I’m sure I won’t spend
    Any time at the end
    In Hell with Abbott and Pell.


    • YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!

      Love it


    • Now, that’s a very good comment! I laughed and then I felt really sad. Once upon a time I used to listen to journalists and admire their straight shooting. Now I listen to liars like Laurie Oakes and I could weep! This morning’s effort on a breakfast TV show was appalling .. he used his words to paint a dismal picture and every one of his words were wrong. Biased and obviously LNP propaganda!


  3. There’s Abbott, Bishop and Pell
    A trio destined for Hell
    Where they’ll probably dine
    With Hockey and Pyne
    That’s if Satan can stand the foul smell.


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