Thoughts as a Storm Approaches


Evening darkness early upon the land
Grey, sly clouds are hanging low, concealing
Growing strength that piles up, hiding power
Grabbing at stratospheric inspiration
Wind is gusting fitfully
With steel in its heart.

Traffic sounds a’hushing, worried faces,
Gusting stops as though the air is drawing
One deep breath in. Soon to let an angry
Unfeeling exhalation terrify
Early roosting birds,
Shelter-seeking humans.

Losing patience,
Years-long abuse,
Held in check no more
Blasting in gales
splitting the dark
with concussive blasts
Hurling both wet
and solid water. Breaking trees,
Hurling tides at
Suddenly vulnerable shores.

Howling! Oh the Howling.

Till after days, or maybe weeks
The air grows tired and realises
Tormenting man will never learn.
Enough of this warning and next time
Gaia’s Breath will be irresistible
With no man left to fear.

One response to “Thoughts as a Storm Approaches

  1. My poet is back … 🙂


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