101 Things To Do With A Swan River #7

You can build river walls beside it.

Along the bank beside the Ascot Race Course, a new river wall is being built.

Adding to the many kilometres of river walls already beside the Swan.

Yet when I went to take some photos of the original river all, now more than a hundred metres back from the current river position, all remnants had been built over! Back in the 1980’s, as a part of my genealogical research, I found a number of remnant stretches of river wall. All built over now  😦


4 responses to “101 Things To Do With A Swan River #7

  1. This adds on to my last comment re change. It’s one thing to discover the historic and ponder what might have been, but to have been a part of that which has become lost & is now a part of history, leaves you nothing short of emotional floundering.


  2. Bleedin’ historical vandals!! Part of the vandalism which always occurs when a LNP Government is in power! “Break it all down and build on it” is their motto!


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