Memo to Tony Abbott

Memo; Mr Abbott

Since you keep telling us how badly off Australians are, could you please tell me which countries are better off.

I’ll help you out a bit by sharing a number of charts and stuff with you.


Firstly, you have spent a lot of time in Parliamentary Question Time recently asking questions about Australia’s “Huge debt ‘on our credit card'”. You keep using the number “$300 Billion”.

Here is a chart showing how that rates with other major nations’ debt.


Our Australian debt is not only ridiculously low compared with other major economies but is shrinking in real terms!

I realise you have a problem reading stuff, Mr Abbott, but you really do have to read some things. I’m throwing in a huge set of figures which are not in chart form but do tell us something about how our debt to GDP ranks within the global community. Could you please pass this information on to Joe?


No, we are not on top of this list. But would we want to be?


We all agree that having a job is a really, really good thing. Obviously, Italy is a good place to avoid at the moment but which are the best three countries to be in? Is Australia anywhere on that short list?


Now, Mr Abbott, I am rather stunned by this next chart. Just how wealthy are we as a nation? Per person? You must look to the bottom to see where Australia rates.
global wealth

I know you can promise to increase Australia’s position on this list but please be honest and tell me just how you intend to achieve that.


Before you go, here is a chart of the rates of inflation in the major world economies.


Just one thing about this chart. Have a look at the number for Australia under the “Highest” column. Any ideas about who was our treasurer when that happened?

So, Mr Abbott,

I repeat the question I began with.

Since you keep telling us how badly off Australians are, could you please tell me which countries are better off.

CC: Joe Hockey, Andrew Robb

46 responses to “Memo to Tony Abbott

  1. They have nothing else. Just fear based on lies. Their desperation will become even more transparent as the election proper draws nigh.


  2. Reblogged this on Deknarf: The Australia Blog and commented:
    This one is worthy of a read! And, its Food for Thought! Think very carefully before you vote in September 2013!!


  3. Abbott’s really no man of conviction
    Careless handling of truth an affliction
    Blends lies with the facts
    Credibility lacks
    With his truth being stranger than fiction.


  4. Tony Abbott always looks dapper
    Unlike the shit from his yapper
    That spouts foolish notions
    With his only good motions
    Being those he leaves in the Crapper


  5. As a Poly Abbotts a farce
    And totally out of his class
    Those ears as handles
    Would delight the bum vandals
    Perhaps he should have been selling his arse.


    • You really are very naughty, you know!

      I like that *grin*


      • Was that comment meant for me or someone else?


        • Definitely for you – as a lover of limericks I do appreciate your contributions. As an old limericker I once knew said. “It is not a true limerick without rude words”. You have the perfect touch 🙂


          • Thank you, much appreciated, and you can be sure the feeling is mutual. Comments like that especially coming from you make me feel quite elated, as over all the 35 years or so that I have been dreaming up Limericks nobody has ever seen any of them until now, so I am glad I have found you and even though I am now 84 I reckon I might have a few more left in me before I snuff it.


            • I am in envy of your age. I am but a mere 68 (next year I get to be a 69 *evilgrin*). Should you wish to subject yourself to more of my limericks, may I suggest


              • Thank you I have placed that Link on my Desktop to enjoy at my liesure, and as for being envious of my age please don.t hurry to get there as for me at any rate it goes something like this:

                Now that I’m old and silly
                It’s no use eyeing a filly
                I can no longer Jiggy-Jig
                And my guts is so big
                I’ve almost lost sight of my willy.

                But there really was once a time
                When I was top of my prime
                In the act of coition
                Using every position
                But today just to bend makes me whine.

                Good Luck keep up your great work and regards


  6. Archie, good post, 😀 Love your work 😎 and there must be something in the water, as this seems to be the current subject on many blogs, mine included.

    frontad84, a fine set of limericks 😆 and as a poet myself writing many satirical poems about Abbott and the LNP, I wonder if you write any longer pieces?

    There may be some that appeal to your obvious sense of humour at;

    if you are interested try looking under political poems 😀

    Cheers 😀


    • Thank you Truth Seeker for the encouragement, I am treasuring compliments like yours, for in all of the 35-40years of writing Limericks I never thought until now that someone out there may enjoy them. Believe me there are quite a lot that are just downright obscene and which I may never show to anyone, anyway I must tell you I have saved the Link you gave me to my Desktop and will enjoy reading your work.
      Thanks again and best regards.


  7. what are your sources for the information, that would make this even better 😀


  8. Maybe he doesn’t know how to read charts? Maybe things like Pie Charts are beyond him or maybe he thinks they are for eating? Whatever, I am sick of his down-talking one of the best economies in the world! And his sorry excuse for a Shadow Treasurer really needs some slapping! He is atrocious! Eleventy Joe is a good name for the dolt!


  9. Truth, facts, data, reasoning, logic… These are anathema to the Lying Liberals.


  10. Reblogged this on lmrh5.


  11. Mr Abbott’s constant discord
    Sounds like a bloody cracked record
    At best full of shit
    And a blind hypocrite
    One hopes he will fall on his sword.


  12. If that Liberal sleeze Tony Abbott
    Ever reaches the top we’ve all had it
    With his Bugs Bunny ears
    And his jeers and leers
    We’d be better off electing a rabbit.


  13. Jack from Carina

    I’m with Abbott on this one.
    Our high standard of living is attributed to our mines, farms and our hard working nature. This should should not be used an excuse to waste billions of dollars, especiallly with our poor healthcare system and deteriorating public education.
    Also, we have the highest private sector debt in the world


    • For every $1 of foreign investment we receive for our mines, on average it generates up to about $2. Creating jobs, building communities, improving infrastructure.

      Some of Australia’s oldest towns were built around mines.

      We need to save the golden goose before it gets slaughtered by some rednut who’s in charge of an unstable political party that can’t get their act together and still wondering who the leader of the party should be.

      What can we expect from a party such as this? and who else can step in that can do a better job.

      We’re in the biggest political dilemma of our history, we’ve got a retard (Abbot) whois fronting liberal because he’s does what he’s being told, an unstable labour party that’s clueless and the only smart guy coming out from all of this is Malcolm, whois the actual smart one that’s staying out of this whole circus.

      Parliament house might as well be pitched under a giant tent and we can then charge tourists additional fees to see our circus, AKA parliament house.


      • James, sadly the “Golden Goose” has laid such rotten eggs as Gina Rinehart who can’t even do the right thing by her own progeny, much less our country. This is the mega rich woman who would rather spend her (?) money supporting such luminaries as Bolt and the IPA, whilst promoting the idea of $2.00 ph minimum pay, and states that you too can be rich if you just stopped drinking and having fun.

        And I know that the commonly held perception is that the government are dysfunctional and a bad government, but the facts say something completely different; the best economy in the developed world, over 400 pieces of legislation passed in the term of this government etc.

        Please don’t look at the achievements of this government through the biased and misleading eyes of the MSM, take the time to look at the facts, none of which you will find in the Murdoch/Rinehart controlled media.

        Cheers 😀


  14. If we are in a good position, and I would argue that wasting billions of dollars and introducing new taxes on production and waging class warfare is not a good position – the credit goes to the Howard and Costello team of which Tony Abbott was an integral part. If labor had not inherited such a sound fiscal position we would be also heading to hell in a hand basket. Besides, good business people (which I am sure many of you are not) know that you do not justify your poor performance by claiming others are worse than you. Your logic is twisted.


  15. Funny how the charts dont mention how long it took to have that amount of debt… Can be 100% sure it wasn’t within 5 years!
    When was the last time the USA or most of Europe had a surplus and actual money in the bank? Definitely much longer than 5 years ago!!!
    Point out which of those countries worse off had a budget surplus leading into the GFC? You probably can’t point that out because none of them did!.
    At this point in time we have debt that equates for close to $15000 for every Australian and we are paying around $7 billion in INTEREST alone! (Yes, that is $7,000,000,000)… Just imagine what $7 billion could do to education, NDIS or the Health Budget….
    Food for thought, hmmm….


  16. Article obviously written by a labour supporter who has NOT done his homework properly. Feel sorry for you


    • Actually, you should do YOUR homework! I am not a Labour supporting Pom. I am a Labor supporting Aussie. Secondly, I was asking for information. You know – trying to learn something. The question, in case you missed it was, “Could you please tell me which countries are better off.”


  17. Die hard Labor supporters are really the problem we have in this country, the excuse “because my father voted Labor and his father before him” just doesn’t cut it anymore look around and make an informed decision on your own or just do a donkey vote i don’t care which, but please wake up and smell the deficit


    • Ok, I accept there are people like that on both sides of politics but MY father voted Country Party. I can smell the deficit but that doesn’t answer the question. “could you please tell me which countries are better off?”


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