Jesuit Clones


If you have weak eyes like mine, click on the image to make it readable.

The Cardinal, now Pope, said these words in a speech against Argentina presidential candidate Cristina Kirchner given in 2007, during the electoral campaign.

4 responses to “Jesuit Clones

  1. I thought he was supposed to ignore his Religion in order that he could govern for all of the people???? “Which one”, I hear you ask? Does it matter??????


  2. The names Abbott and Bishop do bring
    To the Libs a religious ring
    So along with George Pell
    They may all end in Hell
    When Our Maker his doing his thing.


  3. Mr Abbott’s right into the fray
    Spouting his bullshit each day
    But remember twas he
    Who said on TV
    “You can’t believe all that I say.”


  4. When Abbott starts in to jeer
    With a leer from ear to ear
    His mouth dribbles shit
    And reminds you a bit
    Of an arsole with bad diarrhoea.


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