Everything Old is New Again

Whether it is trying to protect the Humpbacked Whales at James Price Point or protesting the loss of workers rights in a State Capital, the response of the Bosses has always been the same.

My own grandfather moved from Thurso in Scotland to Glasgow where he, a big man, was employed by the police to beat up supporters of Keir Hardy. He grew sickened by this and emigrated to Australia.

This famous Jim Case cartoon is from “The Worker” of Feb 17th, 1912 after Black Friday in Brisbane.

And there are those who want to elect the friend of the Billionaires as Prime Minister!

Because he wants to help the working man?



2 responses to “Everything Old is New Again

  1. Nothing has changed in over 100 years, eh?


  2. Radnoft Pladzitcki

    On the floor of Parliament they sit
    Passing plenty of Motions to wit
    So if Motions means Faeces
    Then for all these Subspecies
    It must mean they’re all full of shit.


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