Hating the Truth

I watched Christine Milne making unapologetic sense in a press conference broadcast by the ABC.

I was disappointed but not surprised by the twitter reaction.

Summed up it was a barrage of dislike.

Dislike of her voice, although I have heard that also about our Prime Minister while nothing much is said about Christopher Pyne’s voice which grates worst of all.

Dislike of the message was not clearly expressed because it is rather difficult to approve of children being kept in brutal detention. Even Genghis Abbott keeps quiet about that.

I was moved to tweet.

Because the Greens are in that part of the Political spectrum originally occupied by the ALP, the Liberals and Nationals have an automatic hatred of them. It is actually worse than that. Ming the Malevolent won several elections back in the 50’s by threatening the Australian electorate with “Reds under the beds”. That inculcated hatred of “Those bloody Commies” has been a part of the Conservative DNA in Australia.

Now that they have moved so far further to the right than Menzies ever dared, the Abbottrals find it very hard to see any distance between the Greens and the non-existent communists.

The ALP, on the other hand, know how much of their ideals they have given away in the need for power. Since the time of Whitlam the Good the party of the workers has been drifting to the right. The dedicated left-wing members of the ALP have had to make a choice. Lose their social justice ideals and stay with a party which has crossed the centre line on the spectrum to become an increasingly right-wing power in Australian politics. Or change parties to keep their ideals. This means moving Left and joining the Greens.

No wonder Labor hates the Greens. Not only do they threaten to become a major power within Australia but they are an ever-present reminder of what the Party of the Poor has lost.

So the Greens are hated by both right-wing parties in Australia because they are the conscience of our country. They remind us of wrongs we would rather ignore. They are like a mother with eyes in the back of her head seeing all that we do wrong as a nation.

I am proud to be a part of them.

One response to “Hating the Truth

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments in this article. I am one who has moved from the ALP to The Greens as I believe the Greens are more in tune with where I am these days than the fast disappearing left of the ALP!


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