onceupunatimegreen there was a little girl named Alice who lived with her aunt in a house near the edge of a swamp.

One day, her aunt said “Let’s have a picnic”.

So they took some utensils and a barbeque down to a little island in the swamp. Her aunt started up the barbeque. Then she held a frying pan close to the surface of the water in the swamp and kept saying the word “Ribbett” over and over again.

Soon, frogs started to appear from all directions and leaped into the frying pan. When the pan was full of frogs, her aunt put it on the barbeque.

“NO, NO, NO!” cried Alice, “you’ll hurt them”.

“How else are we to get frog’s legs for supper?” asked her aunt. “You must always let leaping frogs fry.”

2 responses to “The BBQ

  1. This deserves a comment.

    No, wait. No, it doesn’t. In fact, the less said, the better. The author might be encouraged to do more damage to my facial muscles which are now torn between a smile and a grimace.


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