The Bloke in the Pub #8

Hang on, Arch, I’ll grab you a beer before I get started.John

I’ve been hearing about this fiscal cliff stuff out of America. Seems the Republicans are determined to go down in a blaze of inglory and they don’t mind taking the country with them. Real true blue patriots.

Here in Oz, we will face something similar if Abbott gets to be PM. He will cut services, cut welfare, cut everything he can’t punch and then say, “See, we have a surplus” while we all watch the country go down the gurgler. They are the most uncaring bastards I’ve ever come across.

Grab me another, willya, mate? I need plenty tonight. The bastards are beginning to grind me down!

Our PM takes a few days off to be with her family the first Christmas since her father died and is called “gutless” by that fucking scumbag Laming.  Then that KFC-riddled piece of shit Hockey tweets “According to Wayne Swan Julia Gillard agrees to ditch surplus then goes on holidays…..that’s real leadership. Real courage.” Real family people these bloody Libs. I wouldn’t trust them with a family value even if they paid me.

I know its Christmas so I may not get over here for a few days so just think about this while I’m away.  How much worse of are you now than under Howard?  Forget the headlines, forget the spin from all those media people just think about what you have, what you are earning. Just the fact that you have a job when all the right-wing countries have massive unemployment. No, I’m not talking to those few who are on $160,000 or more. I’m talking to you – the family on less than $60,000. Your mortgage is $5,000 a year less than it was. Inflation is so small you cannot see it and looks like staying there. If you lost your job there has probably been another one to move to. I know I’m better off.

I’ll grab a last beer and leave you with this thought.

It will be Christmas in a couple of days and I wish you all, all the best for a safe and happy holiday time.

christmasintheVaticanI would also ask you to remember those who will do it tough. Those who may not have families or those who are separated from their families.

Also remember that there will be young people who will be having their lives ruined by those they trust.

Have a look at this. And think about it.

Having said that. Happy Christmas all and drive carefully. There are a lot of idiots out there.

Seeya, Arch.

One response to “The Bloke in the Pub #8

  1. Not so simple that amt serves a lot of people very well especially the military


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