The Bloke in the Pub #7

What a bloody rush, eh, Arch? johnoneI’ll be glad when it’s Boxing Day.

Ohh that first mouthful is sooo good! You right with your drink mate?

Tho I guess every day is Boxing Day for Mr Abbott. Swanny does the sensible thing about the surplus. All the professional economists agree with him, most saying something like, “I knew he wouldn’t fuckin’ do it so I haven’t figgered it into my planning.”

So it seems the important people think it’s a good idea and what does the boxer do? After spending months saying it was only going to be a fake surplus, he spends half an hour telling Swann that he is destroying the country by dropping the surplus. Reckons he got a couple of upper-cuts into him. And Hockey. Don’t you just have to laugh at that fool? Oh God, he is so stupid with his money sermons. I keep expecting him to produce a couple of loaves and fishes. Then Abbott runs away again the moment someone dared to ask about the Brough, Ashbey, Slipper thingo. That has to tell us all something about his – ahhh – whatever. I think he is an incompetent liar – I don’t care what the rest of Australia bloody thinks.

I need another VB. God he is a depressing person to have to talk about.

You want some facts about this budget surplus stuff? Last year there was a deficit of 42 billion bucks. Let’s go with a deficit of 15 Billion this year which I heard a couple of economists talk about today.. To me that looks like around 27 Billion turn around. In 12 months a 27 billion improvement. I’m not an economist but I reckon that’s a bloody good outcome. And those ratings agencies seem to agree.

It seems the Customs mob has been infiltrated. Not that the Opposition will accept that it is being sorted out. They had the Wheat Board thing where money was being paid to Saddam Hussein while we were sending our troops over to fight him. The Howard Government hid that for as long as they could. And still won’t answer any questions about it. Bastards!

Got the kids coming over for a BBQ tonight. I’d better get a move on.

Oh, yeah. Didja see where South Korea just elected a woman President? A single, atheist woman. Tones is losing the man-only power fight. And not before time.



5 responses to “The Bloke in the Pub #7

  1. These ‘bloke in the pub’ articles are great! Really gritty.


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  3. Your mate knows more about the economy than Abbott, Hockey and the other bloke who has been hiding, Robb.


  4. He’s just an ordinary bloke who hates listening to bullshit. And says so after a beer or two 🙂


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