The Bloke in the Pub #6

How’s it going, Arch?johnone

I’ve got my VB here and here’s a Matilda Bay for you. No lemon. Don’t approve of stuff in beer!

Seems the ABC doesn’t believe in good news for the ALP either. Still not a word about the poll result this morning. What was it? Morgan or something. Face to face so people can’t lie about their age or anything else. 53% to 47%. That’s the feeling I get out there. Forget your tweeter and facebook polland stuff.

Out in the real world people are getting fed up with Abbott. Look at that poll in the Sydeney Morning Herald I talked about yesterday 97% don’t like the man. All these bloody phone polls are based on some old idea that everyone has a fixed phone and only a few people have mobiles. That’s a load of crap! Lot of people I know don’t have a landline any more. Only the fucking Luddites who listen to Alan Jones.

And how’s Abbott’s cheek, eh? Oh yes, thirsty work here. Thanks. Hey, the missus rang me and said she liked that left-over pizza for lunch. She’s doing a roast tonight.

Abbott had this “no specific knowledge” about Slipper way back when the whole scummy story came out. He was still able to make big-time comments about what a sleaze he was. Now that the Judge has thrown everything out and said that Ashby and Brough were the  sleazes, he still hasn’t read anything or said anything in over a week! Slack bastard.

I see Bloody Barnett is spending another half Billion on this stupid Elizabeth Water World Waste. Well, it will be a half bill after cost blowouts and time over-runs. That is something this Governemnt is good at. Look at the bloody Arena. All that fucking cash just to ruin the Swan River. Apparently the only people who will vote in March are the developers so he is buttering them up good.

You want another Matilda Bay? here, catch!

Oh shit! Is that the time? Gotta run – seeya.


2 responses to “The Bloke in the Pub #6

  1. Thanks Archie, if I hadn’t read your tweet i would not have heard about the Morgan poll.

    I saw a bit of 7,30 tonight Uhlmann looked grumpy and he didn’t even mention, Slipper going for costs,the no result for the Thomson subpoenas and the good result for Labor in the polls.



  2. All pretty sad really when the so-called arbiter of fairness, equity and truth deliberately distorts the news in an attempt to modify a government. No wonder they don’t want oversight from a body that has real teeth.


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